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Tumbles 'n' Sh*t - New film shows how 17 year old Jack Pimblett went from freezing on a rope swing to paragliding acrobat pilot

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"Paragliding is indescribable."  So says a 17 year old who's grabbing a lot of attention for his sense of adventure and the subject of a new film from Image Impossible.

Tumbles 'n' Sh*t blends stunning imagery with a refreshingly honest insight into what it feels like to stand on the edge of a hot air baloon or a cliff top ready to jump for the first time and what it takes to make that jump. One one hand it's a feast of acrobatics but on the other it exposes the emotion of passionately following your dreams.

To help promote the film Jack has a competition on his Facebook page to win a prize bundle worth over £550 including products from Ruroc and SunGod

We asked Jack Pimblett a single question - "What does paragliding give you?" and got an amzingly insightful response ..............

"I am enthralled by all means of flight, it is something that we have all dreamed of – but paragliding is like no other. For me paragliding is my meditation, an escape from daily monotony and a chance: to clear the mind, relish the wind in my face and feel the sun kiss my skin. It is as close as we can get to flying like a bird, peacefully above the ground watching the world go by. In a world where we are bound by rules giving a child this taste for freedom was incomparable with anything I have ever experienced before. Involved in paragliding my entire life it quickly became second nature and when I made the gentle transition from being a passenger with my Dad to becoming the pilot I was hooked. An already strong bond with the sport found through my Dad aged 3 was intensified and it quickly became my passion, my addiction. The exposure I have been bestowed with my entire life through paragliding and other ‘extreme’ sports altered my perspective on life and danger, having my life in my own hands from an early age gave me a lot of respect for danger and I try to carry out my adrenaline inducing activities as safe as possible."

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"The reason I fly paragliders, jump out of balloons or take risk is simple: the compulsion to achieve is greater than the fear. At first it may appear that the risk I am taking is completely ‘crazy’ or it requires ‘balls of steel’ – it does not. Each step taken in paragliding requires the same amount of commitment, so really all you have to do is start. The fear of doing my first: flight, balloon jump and infinity tumble was all the same. I was terrified at each moment during the build-up but my experience has taught me that once it is over, there is no feeling like it, the pure euphoria experienced is phenomenal and all you want to do is do it again. So, when it came to doing my first balloon rollover as seen in the film ‘Tumbles ‘n’ Sh*t’ I was terrified, shaking as we gained altitude and all the way up until I jumped but I knew that once I had jumped it would be the best thing I have ever done in my life.

You look back at all these events and think why was I so scared? I don’t know but I’ll probably be just as scared the next time.

I think there is a fine line between a passion and an obsession: A passion is something of positive nature and an obsession has a negative impact on yourself and those around you. Although I am compelled to spend every minute in the air or thinking about paragliding I can safely say it has brought nothing but pleasure to my life. It is my life and I could not live without it."

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