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Editors Guides

Editors Guides (2)

The last time I visited Switzerland was Gstaad in early February, snow on the ground and low cloud raging in the valley.
Wednesday, 11 November 2015 03:10

Creating Articles

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Writing an Article in K2 Works a bit differently than it used to under the old system. To begin with, they're called "Items" and don't appear in the Content menu across the top of the page. They can be found under "Components -> K2 -> Items" Or from the control panel when you log in (Control Panel is also accessible from the "System" Menu).


Writing the Intro and Text

Writing the intro text works the same as the old system, however there is an important change in the sequence of text, images and the Read More bar. The Read More must now come before anthe first image - though there can be additional text in between the bar and the 1st image.

Writing your main content

Writing the main body of your article in the editor works exactly as you'd expect it to. Everything below the "Read More" line will be included in your main content, and this can include text,images and media. It's recommended to turn on the spell check feature of the editor by clicking the icon in the bar across the top of the editor ( it has "abc" on it, and a small green tick). If you're importing text from an external editor, you'll need to strip the HTML that gets imported with it. It doesn't show up in the normal editor, but it will apply when you publish the article. You can remove this in several ways. You can either click the "[Toggle Editor]" button at the very top of the editor window or the Source code editor icon in the bar along the top and manually remove it or you can select your block of text and click the "Cleanup HTML" icon in the bar along the top of the editor (It's the broom icon along the top row).

Embedding Youtube and Vimeo videos remains the same:

where ID is the video ID (e.g. for  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9gC9zpmh9I replace ID with the value folling v=)

(vimeo}ID{{vimeo} where ID is the video ID (eg. for https://vimeo.com/146381852 replace ID with the value following .com/)

Please ensure your spacing between text and images is consistent throughout an article and add an extra blank line both before and after embedded videos.

Adding Images

Previously, the first image in the article would be defined as the article image that appears on other pages. Additionally, it had to be included in the intro text. This is no longer the case, now you will need to select or upload any image you like to be article image which appears on landing pages in a smaller form and in lists (eg. Latest News), You do this by selecting the "Image" tab above the editor window. From here you can upload one from your Computer, or locate one on the server (tip: if using an image from your article, you can right click it, go to "Edit Image" option and copy everything after the final "/" in the url box to use in the search field of the file browser. for example, "images/Placeholder/thisimage.jpeg")  This image MUST be between 800px x 540px and 800px x 600px. It's important to remember that this picture is for generating the previews on landing pages and will not appear in your article unless you add it again in the same way as any other image. This does, however, allow you to use a different image for previews than the 1st one in an article.


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