Monday, 25 January 2016 09:58

The cycle of experience and judgement

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The weather looked like it was playing ball so I organised a day out with Alan and Robert, permissions were granted and from then on the isobars were watched with interest to see where the day would take us.
In a Guest Blog, influential writer and cycling campaigner John Horscroft gives us his views n the crisis facing our National Parks - It's obvious how much the British love their national parks as I slowly weave my way through crowds enjoying the Peak District in the late season sun. A welcome September warmth has flushed out walkers, cyclists, climbers, horse riders as well as tortoiseshell butterflies and flocks of meadow pipit. It is one of those days when the sense of outrageous good…
I booked a holiday! Well that's how it started out anyway. I tried taking a break last year but after 3 days on the South Wales Coast I was bored and went home early and most of those three days were spent gear testing for reviews. It's one of the dangers of being an outdoors journalist; you holiday doing the same things you spend your time writing about and inevitably you take photos. Photos become write ups and suddenly your…
Tuesday, 31 March 2015 14:22

8 Adventures you can try a day at a time

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One of the great joys of adventure is the planning process; all the possible scenarios running through your mind and the anticipation rising. Unfortunately, however, in Britain the weather seldom plays along with even our best made plans. A week of planned warm weather can dissipate into isolated days at any time of the year but in spring, in particular, you're often better off planning a smash and grab raid on adventure when the sun shines. If you're looking for…
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