The idea of a package holiday doesn't sit well when you love the detail of planning the perfect escape, but as they say, "don't judge a book by it's cover" and in this case we mean the Travel Agent's brochure cover.
Monday, 09 May 2016 20:11

Who Am I?

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I’m not looking to delve in to the philosophy of this question. The question is aimed at how I fit in the outdoor world. I asked this of myself because a month or so ago I retweeted an OMM tweet which mentioned that the location of the iconic event was to be announced in the upcoming days. I find I do a lot of retweeting/sharing rather than engaging, which means I probably only use it for a part of its…
Alt-Berg's HQ is not the sort of place you'd drive past and be enticed in to visit, bit the company's base in North Yorkshire is increasingly becoming a destination in its own right.
Sunday, 20 March 2016 15:30

A Winter Week in the Alps

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In a follow up to the article The MyOutdoors Guide to Chamonix between the seasons from Dave and James, one of our Mountaineering Team, Alan 'Tosh' McIntosh and his wife Sam, headed for the Alps earlier this year. Alan describes how they developed their Alpinism skills from Ice Climbing to Snowshoeing to an Introduction to Skiing with details of the areas they visited and some costs associated with their experiences.
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