Once or twice in a lifetime a mountaineering story crosses the divide between pure mountaineering and human interest, bridging the gap and becoming a "mainstream" hit. Touching the Void had that special appeal that could bring in a non-climbing audience, catapulting it's author and participants to fame and successful careers as writers and motivational speakers. The tale of human survival against all the odds gripped readers and viewers around the world, and justifiably so, but after reading Fiva I…
Wednesday, 30 April 2014 10:15

Simon Yates, The Wild Within - Reviewed

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The Wild Within is Simon Yates' third book and the first for a new publisher, Vertebrate. The change of publisher seems to have inspired a change of emphasis in his latest work, with The Wild Within documenting the author's decade from both the mountaineering and family-man perspective. This "complete life" rather than a single focus on the mountaineering or adventure aspects is a route that's becoming increasingly popular with authors, publishers and readers and in The Wild Within you can…
Wednesday, 30 April 2014 10:09

Walking Books.Com Lakeland Pack Reviewed

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In a digital age when you can download a lifetime's walking routes free you'd be forgiven for thinking the age of the guide book was coming to an end. To some extent this is true as there appear to be fewer new titles around this year than previously but independent publishers and booksellers walking-books.com are bucking the trend with their self published range of route packs. The Lakeland Pack 2 adds another 25 "Classic Walks" to their existing catalogue in…
Wednesday, 30 April 2014 10:03

The BAckpacker's Handbook 4th Edition

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In an era where the internet is king and information is available almost instantaneously at the click of a button the future for real, hard copy, literature is somewhat uncertain but every now and then a book appears that's so comprehensive, so authoratative and so complete that it almost single-handedly reminds of the value of the printed word - and the Backpacker's Handbook is just such a book. Now in its 4th Edition it's not so much a "handbook" as…
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