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Magnetic Mountains: Why you should support this Kickstarter film project Featured

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There is a Kickstarter campaign which is approaching its end and we at My Outdoors are fully in support of. And with the buzz in the outdoor community at the moment there are many that feel the same way, however, it hasn’t quite met its target yet.



It would be a great loss to potential viewers (both within and beyond our community) if this campaign doesn’t reach its target and become the film that Steve, the director, so passionately believes in. Watching the candid interview that was posted recently, you can see the passion he has for the film. This is evident specifically when he mentions that the goal amount of the Kickstarter fund only equates to half of the cost, with the other half being invested by him personally.


During a recent interview on Sidetracked by Daniel Neilson, Steve was asked why he decided to make this film:

When I was in a wheelchair I needed to find more than focus, I needed to find myself. I couldn’t do anything that made me the person I was – running, climbing, working, and I wasn’t with my family. Of course I need to vent, but being in a wheelchair for a short amount of time was also a privileged position as it gave me huge insight into the lives of those who are like that permanently. So initially I picked up my camera to rebuild my ego – I felt that I had something to say. Then as I started to think more, I found myself in shock that I had no question about returning to the hills despite all the mental and physical trauma.

I needed to understand that so I phoned up mountaineer Nick Bullock and asked him if he would do an interview, he said yes and gave me confidence in my idea for the film to explore this psychological aspect of climbing and risk taking.


The concept of risk is at the roots of the film and I for one am keen to see what Steve and his prestigious team made up of Menna Pritchard, a talented producer working pretty much full time on the project, and accomplished Director of Photography Lukasz Warzecha bringing the film together passionately and professionally have found about a topic that plagues a lot of our minds.

Last week Steve and the team that was with him when the life changing incident happened made an attempt on the climb again. Bad weather and avalanche prone slopes turned them back, they assessed the risks and left the objective for another day. What may have happened in a prior mind set, has the fall made a difference? The film may answer that question...

Magnetic Mountains

Personally I went for the exclusive Montane t-shirt as the “gift” for my pledge. I choose it only to show my support for this project visibly to anyone that will see. There are a variety of other excellent bonuses your contribution to the making of the film will get you:

Unique kids t-shirt with a design by Menna’s daughter, Ffion.
Exclusive Artwork by Andy Kirkpatrick
Signed books from Steve House, Nick Bullock and Sir Chris Bonnington
Photographic Print from Lukasz Warzecha
A Drone Pilot Experience
An opportunity to be credited as an Associate Producer, this one will cost you the big bucks.

Each of these will get you a digital download, as long as it’s made!

So the imminent risk that faces us is this film not making it to our screens, I urge you to give what you can to this project. Steve genuinely doesn’t want your money but without the funding this film may not happen so he needs our money! And our community needs this film, so it’s a no brainer!


Thanks to Steve, Menna, Luckasz and Sidetracked for their contribution to this article.

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