Saturday, 28 November 2015 16:33

Hot Aches Transition reviewed at Kendal

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For the last ten years one of the highlights of the annual Kendal Mountain Festival has been the release of a new Hot Aches film and as the prime Friday night slot arrived the 2015 offering Transition opened to a packed house.
Saturday, 28 November 2015 12:50

Andy Kirkpatrick - Cold Mountain reviewed

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The first night of a tour can be daunting. New material, a fresh crowd and many nights ahead. Andy Kirkpatrick kicked of his 2015 Cold Mountain Tour in Milton Keynes.
There are times when a film resonates with you for personal reasons, or the trailer is just so incredible that you just have to watch it. And then those that are made for the passion of creating unique content, documenting moments of life that the wider public would quite happily let pass by unnoticed. The Spine Race is the latter.
For the second year I attended Trails in Motion, The World Trail Running Film Tour. Hosted by Like the Wind Magazine, we found ourselves in a new venue just outside the hipster streets of Shoreditch and Old Spitalfields Market. 
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