Choosing a product of the year across the whole range of activities covered on MyOutdoors is a major task at anytime but it's never been harder than in 2015. Fortunately with James, Davy and Stu onboard the dedicated running, climbing/mountaineering and cycling choices fall to them.
When I was informed by our Editor that we were going to run a gear of the year feature and I would have to nominate one, I thought “Easy!” When I found out about the feature our Running Editor had already had his picked out, so no pressure!
Deciding on one item that stands out more than any other is a tough task, fraught with contradictions and inherently there are several which could take the crown. However, there has to be a winner.
As our National Parks approach persion age the future is starting to look desperate, or at least their future as we see them now. Faced with another round of Government cuts of between 25 and 40 percent over the next four years they're in real danger of  "creeping decay and degradation" in the words of one National Park Authority Chairman. Already struggling under 5 years of coalition cutbacks National Parks have cut staff by up to 25% and sold off…
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