Tuesday, 22 August 2017 09:02

Karcher OC3 Portable Cleaner tested and reviewed

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As Summer turns to Autumn and trails turn to mud we take a look at the Karcher OC3 Portable Cleaner, a portable solution with uses for everything from mountain biking to dog walking.
Thursday, 03 November 2016 10:34

Osprey Momentum 32 - First impressions

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Osprey say their new Momemntum 32 "was born to commute" and from the moment you pick it up you'll understand why they say it.
Saturday, 28 November 2015 16:18

Henty's Tube Tested and Reviewed

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I used to be a banker. I’m sorry about that but look at this way, a lot of people got a very good savings account with an extraordinary APR due to the PPI I sold. Anyway, whilst I was working for The Man I started to commute on two wheels.…
Platypus claim to have redefined Mountain Bike Hydration Packs for 2016 by introducing three new ranges. The Duthie A.M., The Tokul X.C. and the women specific Siouxon and B-Line. When the chance came I was only too happy to take the Duthie A.M and the Tokul on trial to see…