Friday, 02 May 2014 15:13

Icebreaker Mondo Zip Reviewed

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Overall View A lot to spend on a baselayer but soon pays its way with fewer washes needed while saving weight and pack bulk. Easy clean on the trail. Some find merino itchy and some feel outsourced production doesn't meet New Zealand's original quality but judged on its own merits…
Friday, 02 May 2014 15:06

Mammut Atacazo Zip-T Reviewed

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The Mammut Atacazo Zip-T is officially a base layer, but doubles up easily as a single layer for when the sun comes out. Offset seams make it comfortable at traditional rubpoints and the drop tail is ideal for the uk climate. The waffle structure outer surface of the Polartec PowerDry…
Friday, 02 May 2014 15:01

Rab MeCo 165 LS Zip Reviewed

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To be honest Rab's not a company that's best known for its base layers, having made a name and reputation based around its down and insulated products, so when the MeCo 165 LS Zip landed for test and review we weren't expecting anything special. Even more so at the idea…
Overall View Once adjusted to the way it feels, the Under Armour compression top excelled in it's ability to wick moisture away from the body whilst still retaining (and even building) the degree of warmth. It's a new type of baselayer technology for the average outdoor enthusiast but it's easy…
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