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Snugpak Chrysalis 4 Sleeping bag - tested and reviewed

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 Snupak Chrysalis 4 Sleeping bag

The Snugpak Chrysalis 4 brings 4 season comfort to entry level budgets. It's not the lightest, not the most compact but in return you get genuine sub zero performance for under £100 with a few extras thrown in. The characteristic Snugpak expander gives both more room to move around within the bag and a handy temperature adjuster than enables the Chrysalis 4 to remain comfortable over a range of temperatures beyond most other sleeping bags.



What the manufacturers say:

A sleeping bag inspired by evolution.
Chrysalis is a sleeping bag that has evolved to the next level; putting you in control of temperature and comfort by transforming from a warm, snug sleeping bag, into a cool and spacious one, with a built in LED torch to assist you.
The bag boasts all the features of a quality Snugpak mummy-style sleeping bag but the jumbo zip baffle can be opened out to give much more room within the sleeping bag by opening the expanda panel. The extra space within the bag allows air to move around, keeping the bag cooler. And if the temperature drops? Just zip the bag tighter and instantly boost the warmth around you.

Price: £94.95


• Built in Led torch (Functions: ON/OFF/FLASH) Micro torch works independently.
• Expansion System (Variable width)
• Lightweight
• Low pack size
• Clips can be used to shorten the sleeping bag (Normal Length 220cm, Shortened Length 175cm)

Extra Long No
Colours Available Slate Gray
Weight 1950g
Length 220cm
Width (Chest) 75cm +12.5cm
Width (Knee) 60cm
Width (Foot) 32cm
Pack Size 28cm(L) x 24cm(W)
Origin Imported
Seasons Winter
Temperature Comfort: -10°c Extreme: -15°c


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