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LifeStraw Steel: Tested & Reviewed Featured

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There are a couple of options for water whilst outdoors, you can either carry it with you or you take it from a local source like a stream.

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The LifeStraw Steel is a light and compact straight from source filter system, it is exactly what the brand name says, it’s a straw! It uses a 2 stage filtration process to bring clean water directly for your consumption.

The main body has hollow fibres in it which captures all t nasty stuff  Life straw says the membrane will remove “99.9999% of bacteria (E. coli, etc.) and 99.9% of protozoa (Giardia, Cryptosporidium, etc)”. Basically, it’s going to clean it up so it’s safe to drink.

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Clipped in to the bottom of the tube is a small carbon capsule which is there to reduce the bad odour and taste, chlorine and organic chemical matter. The capsule can be replaced after it has done 100 litres. This makes the LifeStraw completely reusable.

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I have used it straight out of the stream and in stagnant water, there was no issue with any bad flavour and I have never had any side effects.

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I have found though the best way to do it without slipping head first into a stream is to collect the water from source in a wide mouth bottle and put the straw in. Things to watch for is remembering the bottle is contaminated and not to use it for anything else if you want to keep the water you are consuming filtered.

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Both ends of the straw have a cap to protect the straw whilst not in use. The whole thing is Steel which makes it robust, so no fear of ruining it by taking it in to the outdoors.

The instructions tell you to immerse the bottom end in water to allow it to fill up before sucking on it. They say this can take 15 seconds, maybe it was because the filter/straw was new but it took a little linger. Then when I took a slurp if it, it took a bit of suction to get it going but once it was it was fine.

When you’re done with it you need to empty out the contents of the main part to of the straw, blowing through it forces it through quicker but it will drain through when turned upside down.

The charity work LifeStraw do with the purchase of their products help people in developing worlds benefit.

All in all using the LifeStraw Steel is good for your water consumption, it’s good for the developing world and it’s a small package which can tuck in a pack ready for when you need it. Underestimating the amount of water you need in relation to the weight carried can be dangerous, so why risk not having a filtration system.

The LifeStraw Steel is a no brainer in my opinion, it keeps your hydration clean!

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