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Schoolchildren to benefit from first It’s Great Out There grant Featured

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Details of the first grant awarded by the It’s Great Out There Coalition have been revealed.

The Challenge Project 2017 will take 17 schoolchildren and teachers from northern Germany on a trek through the Alps, thanks partly to a €2,200 #ItsGreatOutThere grant. The project is the brainchild of Friedrich Junge School and is being organised in partnership with Primaloft, a Founding Member of the coalition.

Friedrich Junge School’s Challenge Project 2017 has been designed to take young people into a new environment and on an adventure that they have not experienced before. In September, the eighth grade students, along with teachers, will spend 10 days in the Alps, hiking the E5 route from Oberstorf in Germany to Meran/Bozen in Italy. They will all carry their kit and sleep in mountain huts, hiking for up to 10 hours each day.


Prompted by Primaloft, the school submitted a grant application to the It’s Great Out There Coalition, which was reviewed and approved by the coalition board. As well as offering what is the first #ItsGreatOutThere grant, the coalition has also encouraged its members to provide additional support in kind, through the provision of outdoor gear for the children and teachers to use during their hike.

Andrew Denton, secretary general of the It’s Great Out There Coalition, comments: “The Challenge Project 2017 is exactly the kind of initiative that we want to encourage and showcase through the #ItsGreatOutThere campaign. Friedrich Junge School and Primaloft have teamed up to create a trip that will not only provide the young people involved with a new experience, but which I am sure will also initiate a lifelong love of the outdoors for many of them. We have provided a vital grant, but the project team has also managed to raise significant funds elsewhere, which is a financial model that we encourage applicants to adopt.

“The timing of the hike is very good. It will allow us to demonstrate the huge role that the outdoors can play in combatting the inactivity epidemic during the lead up to the next European Week of Sport and in the ongoing #BeActive campaign. This will help the It’s Great Out There Coalition as we continue to work closely with politicians and civil servants in Brussels to influence policy and investment decisions.”

Andrew Denton secretary general of the Its Great Out There Coalition 002

Andrew Denton, Secretary General of the It's Great Out There Coalition

The It’s Great Out There Coalition is an International Non Profit Association (INPA), registered in Brussels, and set up and launched by the European Outdoor Group (EOG). Run by an executive team and non-executive board, the coalition is leading the pan-European #ItsGreatOutThere campaign to inspire more people to get active in the outdoors. The coalition is working with the European Commission to secure European support for outdoor based projects designed to inspire more European citizens to get active.

The It’s Great Out There Coalition has initially been funded by membership fees and now has 29 full members who are collaborating to pursue the objective of getting Europe active in the outdoors. The awarding of grants to community-led initiatives is just one of ways in which the coalition is pursuing its agenda.

Organisations that would like to join the coalition or discuss sponsorship options should contact the organisation’s marketing director Arne Strate on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information about the coalition and campaign, visit, or find it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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