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Greenshires Group to cease printing Climb Magazine

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Climb Magazine's publishers, the Greenshires Group has announced that the magazine will be ceasing production of the paper version of the popular magazine from next month in a letter to subscribers and contributors

The announcement states; "After serious consideration, and following over 33 years of production, Greenshires Press Group have made the decision to cease printing a paper version of Climb Magazine; the Sept/Oct 2017 edition (issue #140) will be the last edition published".

Quoting "challenging times" for the industry and a "steady decline of circulation and advertising sales as readers and revenue migrate to digital platforms" the decision will see a digital only version produced from Nov/Dec 2017 with the content available worldwide free of charge.

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Climb Magazine's history can be traced back to Crags in the 70's through High Mountain Sports in the 80's to the merger with On the Edge in the 90's.

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