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Mina Guli completes "6 river run" to highlight world water crisis

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Mina Guli, founder of non-profit Thirst, completed her ‘6 River Run’ challenge on Sunday, running through six continents (covering 1,688km in 40 days) drinking from key rivers using LifeStraw Go2 and Personal filtration products to stay hydrated.

Rivers she drank from included the Colorado River, Amazon River, Murray-Darling Basin, Yangtze River, the Nile River in Africa and finally from the River Thames.

Her reason for using the LifeStraw products was to strengthen her ‘world water crisis’ message. Overall a remarkable journey and an epic feat of human endurance.

Mina Guli

Alison Hill, Managing Director of LifeStraw says, “Mina and I were brought together as two, young, global women leaders working on safe water and driven to make change.

“6 River Run is a heroic feat of endurance raising awareness for a critical issue – lack of clean water. By running along the most historic rivers in the world, she has raised a critical message – the world’s future and our lives depend on having enough clean safe water. Together, we are asking for an extraordinary commitment from everyone, everywhere to turn the tide.”

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