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75 Never Too Old (75 Byth Rhy Hen) New English Language Version Coming Soon

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Award-winning climbing film 75 Never Too Old (75 Byth Rhy Hen) is being released online at SteepEdge in its original Welsh language S4C television documentary format and will also soon be available a new cut, edited in English. The film which won Best Climbing Film (Silver) Award at this year's Sheffield Adventure Film Festival features 75 year old Welsh farmer Jeremy Trumper and his friend, the legendary Eric Jones, as they climb Cemetery Gates in Llanberis in preparation for their quest to summit The Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.

The forthcoming English version will include much more in-depth climbing footage from The Devil’s Tower and explores the pair’s determination to tick off their bucket list of crazy adventures before it really is too late. The film’s director Aled Llŷr, an experienced television sports documentary producer at Slam Media, is now looking for backers to develop a series with both Eric and Jeremy with episodes focusing on each of their bucket dreams.

John Coefield, SteepEdge Director, said: “A foreign language subtitled film featuring two pensioners, by a director making his climbing film debut isn’t the obvious winner of a climbing film award. So it was both remarkable and inspirational for ‘75 Byth Rhy Hen’ to win Best Climbing (Silver) Film at this year’s Sheffield Adventure Film Festival. All the more so when you think that Eric Jones and Jeremy Trumper were up against the much younger duo Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker and ‘Wide Boyz II’ was filmed by the hugely experienced Paul Diffley.” “We’re delighted to be able to host both the original Welsh language subtitled version of the film focusing more on Welsh farmer Jeremy Trumper and we think the forthcoming new English version which will delight climbing film fans with its extra footage of The Devil’s Tower ascent.


Director Aled Llŷr said winning the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival award was the trigger to cut a different version in English. “Winning at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival was a fantastic boost. As proud as I am of the Welsh language version and grateful to the S4C for commissioning the film, I knew that the Devil’s Tower footage had more mileage in it and Eric and Jeremy’s epic story deserved a wider audience.” “The film isn’t so much a climbing film as a celebration of life - essentially it’s a story about two old men with a passion for adventure and love for speed ‘fighting against the dying of the light’!  The message is ‘Whatever age you are, keep going on to your next adventure and your next dream’.”  

“Ultimately my ambition is to do a series with them about each of their bucket list ideas.  We need to get backing pretty quickly though because they are 77 years old and they aren’t going to be around forever.”


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