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See.Sense ICON2: Tested & Reviewed

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A few years ago I reviewed the original ICON rear light from See.Sense. I remember being intrigued by some the features it possessed such as reactive lighting to traffic, conditions and speed. It also had an accident feature which would text a contact if you crashed and a burglar alarm someone wanted to move your bike. I liked it a lot. Battery life was impressive and "it never missed a beat. It was also very very pretty with hexagonal patterns. So of course when it's successor was launched I knew I needed to try it.


First of all lets give you some of the bumf from See.Sense

ICON2 is a light packed with more brightness and intelligence than ever before. It has 300 lumens in the rear light and 400 lumens in the front, gives you 16 hours of run-time in full power reactive flash mode, and shines powerfully in all lighting conditions, both day and night.


Each light contains two different types of LEDS (for both a focused and dispersed beam), makes you visible up to 3 km away, and gives you 270° of side visibility.


At riskier moments on the road (e.g. at junctions or approaching car headlights), ICON2 reacts by automatically flashing brighter and faster to make sure you stand out.


The See.Sense Mobile App lets you personalise your light settings and gives you low battery alerts straight to your phone. You can also pair ICON2 with cycling head units using ANT+.


First things first, I don't think the ICON2 is as pretty as the original. It's a far simpler perhaps Perspex look but it really doesn't matter. Straight away I discover that the ICON2 has an advantage in that it's new mounting system allows the light to be positioned either horizontally or vertically. The new system employs a bracket rather than a direct fit making it easier to switch the unit from bike to bike. More mounts are available as an after sale. The light has 4 fitting slots in each side allowing for different seat post lengths.

Like it's predecessor the ICON2 is bright very bright. Any driver that says "sorry didn't see you mate" is a liar or blind. Now we could get into the debate about running day lights on a bike but I've got them on the car and in roads that dip in and out of the shade of trees they do make a difference. I won't criticize those that wouldn't use them but I've noticed less close passes running the ICON2 from the genuine useless drivers. Of course there are still idiots who hate you like South Wales Transport Drivers (did you think I'd forget you deleting your tweet suggesting your driver shouldn't have swerved to avoid me) but hey I'm not going to let them stop me riding.


 With 300 lumens it's powerful and reacts to cars behind and also speed. A new feature is the ICON2 has a brake light. I'm assuming there's all sorts of sensors such as accelerometers and such but it works so well I can only put it down to witch craft. As for the light setting there are a number of options such as constant, pulse, flash, duo etc but we all know that 99% of cyclists will put it on flash because it's by far and away the best option. The ICON2 also retains the alarm and crash alert system but the alert is improved by a google map message to your contact. I wish I'd had this when I crashed because trust me trying to give your location in agony and doing into shock is a little difficult. 

Like the original ICON the ICON2 can be controlled and many features accessed by a free phone app. I was very disappointed on first download on Android. It was glitchy, looked awful, was difficult to navigate and to be honest I stopped using it. A few updates later it improved and whilst the Android version still glitched the iOS system is far better. 

Now I've had this light to review for over a year but held off. There was a reason for this. I'd heard that extra ride logging features and a problem reporting system was in the offing so I wanted to see how things worked.



Before Strava I used Dailymile. It was awesome, manual uploads, doughnuts burned off, TV sets powered. Brilliant stuff and if you remember that site you'll appreciate the picture above. It satisfied the stat geek in me in a fun and wholesome way. Some of the glitches affected the recording as can be seen in my speed but it's just a bit of fun so meh. I like features like this because its only riding a bike after all.

There's the option of joining the See.Sense community and this is where you can report incidents on your ride such as pot holes, fallen trees or moronic sad little bus drivers close passing you. See.Sense then pass on this data to local authorities. Of course how much difference this actually makes can be argued about but I'd say what harm does it do and it may save a life or too. Kudos to See.Sense for doing this. 


 Now when I reviewed the ICON it hadn't missed a beat. About a week later it totally failed. See. Sense replaced it no quibble. I then dropped this one and again See.Sense replaced without issue. It goes without saying this is exceptional customer service but did it indicate a build quality issue. The original issues were caused by sensor failures but I was eager to see if the ICON2 has any issues. At this point I have to say my 2nd replacement ICON is going strong 3 years on. Anyway I resolved to test the robustness of the ICON2 asap. Well fate played a hand. I hit a pothole at 25mph and the unit flew out and be rolled over by a following car. How did it do?

Well a crash message was sent of course and after messaging Julie to say I was fine I checked the unit over. Did it still work? Well the photos in this review were taken months after I'll let you judge.

The bracket whilst being useful isn't as secure as the old system so make sure it's secure especially on a mixed terrain route.

At £79.99 for just the rear unit the ICON2 isn't cheap but it's good. It'd held up to muddy paths and torrential rain. It's quick charging through USB and the charge lasts. It's bright and it has a little fun side which is backed up by See.Sense outstanding customer service. I see many other lights out when I'm riding and I always think. It's not as good as the ICON2.

Little video of ICON2 in action

More details of See.Sense ICON2

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