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Smith Pivlock Asana Glasses- Tested and Reviewed

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There's more to a good pair of sunglasses than just reducing the sun's brightness. Our Cycling Editor's partnet, Julie, puts a pair of Smith Optics Asana, designed specifically for adventure, to the test.


It's autumn I'm told. I've not had summer yet myself but I'm told some have. My partner, Julie, has been lucky enough that her days off have fallen on the 4 days of Welsh sunshine so I threw her some cycling shades I had in for test and watched her ride off to the mountains whist I went t'mill. So here are her opinions of the Smith Pivlock Asana Glasses.

Smith Optics 4

What the manufacturers say:

The sleek, feather-light design of the PivLock™ Asana is a perfect fit no matter what the activity. The graceful lines and minimalist temple design speak to the fit and performance of this piece. With our two-position adjustable nosepiece and performance mirrored lens tints, the PivLock™ Asana is the perfect choice whether it's an all-day ride or a hike with friends.


  • Carbonic TLT lenses
  • Small-medium fit / medium coverage
  • TR90 frame material
  • Hydroleophobic lens coating
  • Two-position adjustable nose pads
  • 7 base lens curvature

RRP:£99 - Street Prive £79.20

Smith Pivlock Asana Glasses on test:

Smith Optics 2

I was amazed when I tried these on, for the first time in my life I have a pair of glasses that fit my face. I have a narrow head as many women do and up until now even high end female specific glasses look like I am a kid wearing my dads sunnies. These Smith Pivlock Assana gently curve around my face so fit closely and neatly without the usual corners sticking out at the hinges but with some flexibility in the design to adjust to the individual.

But how do they fare on the bike? The first thing you notice is they don’t look like traditional sports glasses with the usual wrap around waspy look so I was concerned about how they would protect my eyes on the descents but they were fantastic, the best I have ever had in fact. Not once, while descending at 45mph did I have to squish my eyes to get rid of the tears and that’s a first. I believe this is because, as I have already said they actually fit my face.

Smith Optics 5
The lens performs well for the changeable weather we get in Wales, removing the glare of the sun but still giving good optical clarity when the clouds come in or when you pass under a few trees. For truly dark and dismal days there is a low light lens provided as well with a pleasant pinky orange tinge that could almost convince you the sun is still shining. They sit lightly but securely on my face with that barely there feeling so they are very comfortable on a long ride. On a wet and warm day they are very resistant to steaming up even on a slow ascent and I have found these to be a great multipurpose sport glasses.
Smith Optics 3

Now lets get down to the important stuff, how do they look? I am a girl after all! (cycling ed. What's being a girl got to do with it?)  Well they look great not only on the bike but off the bike as well and this is an important consideration. When we cycle tour space in my panniers is at a premium and I can only take one pair of sunnies. While the waspy style glasses look the part on the bike on a rest day walking around in a pretty dress they look ridiculous. Now before any of you criticise me for taking a dress cycle touring it's silk, wraps down to nearly nothing, and weighs 100g, also as I mentioned earlier I am a girl. I bought the dress in Vietnam specifically for cycle touring.

These glasses look fabulous while taking in the sights, having a romantic lunch at some pretty sea side restaurant as well as on the road bike winding up the hairpins on the Black Mountain. I think this is a great advantage for anyone looking to buy a pair of high end quality glasses. Decent sunglasses are an excellent investment however you spend your time outdoors as protecting your eyes from the U.V. is always important and optical clarity when moving fast keeps you safe whether you are riding a bike or driving a car but good sunglasses do cost money so if you can find that one pair that does everything you need as a sports glasses and everything you want as a pair of fashion glasses then you only need to make that investment once.

Definitely my new favourite sunglasses. 

Words by Julie Vine.

Cycling Editors observations: 

Having suffered through the torture that is Julie shopping and witnessed her quest for sun glasses that didn't in her words "make her look like a numpty" I'm happy, no, delighted that she's finally found something that will fit her face. The Asanas come with a quality hard case and cloth cleaning soft case as well which is a nice touch, simple lens changes and a clean look I'm a little jealous. Add in some amazing technical features such as an adjustable nose rest, Hydroelophobic lens coating and a 7 base lens curvature then I may one day be tempted away from my trusty Racing Jackets.