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Sun God Renegade Sunglasses: Tested & Reviewed

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A lot of brands profess to have created a product that is "Adventure Proof" so here at my Outdoors we like to put that to the test.

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I came across Sun God a brand which produce sunglasses and goggles for adventure sports. The Renegade's I received are a "Blues Brother "type frame (I'm not sure their official description). One of the Renegade's features when ordering is how much you can customise them. You can select a range of frames from plain black or white to a more adventurous tortoise.

Then there is the option of which colour of lens and whether you want Sun God's standard 4KO lens or the polarised option. I opted for the blue polarised 4KO lens and finished it off with a blue Sun God icon on the arm.

As adventure proof as the Renegades are described I also went for the capsule case to protect them when I stick them in my top flap. The glasses are snug in there but there it hasn't caused any issues.

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I normally go for wrap-round type of glasses for the outdoors but I have become very attached to the Renegades. I have used them climbing, running, cycling and everyday general use.

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Actually where I've found them to be incredibly useful whilst driving. The image below is from Sun Gods site, it shows how well the polarised lens softens the light. In practice the range of light the lens copes with is very impressive. Sun God say the polarised 4KO lens is "a perfect fit for long days in varied and changing environments."

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The lenses are almost reactive. I found when running in the evening in the brighter nights that when dusk came I was still able to keep the blinding glare at bay and I could still keep the trail in front of me visible so I didn't fall on my face. Although that would have tested the durability of the frames. 

The frames did take a few dunts whilst at the crag and they came off pretty well unscathed. Even when I forgot about putting them in my pack and sat on it to get out my shoes off. Only when I got up did I remember the Renegades were in there. When I removed them with apprehension I found one of the lenses had popped out of place and one of the arms was through the nose rest! They easily flexed back to the right position and as the lenses are replaceable it simply pushed back in.

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The frames are solid and they have a good amount of give in them to be resilient. The only real issue I had was the screws holding the arms in place started to work their way loose. They only raised a small amount. I contacted Sun God to find out how common this might have been, I was told it wasn't something that came up often. They offered to take them back to rectify it but I was able to fix them myself.

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In truth I didn't want to be without them. They are extremely versatile in terms of light conditions. Also I think they can be used anywhere, on the hill, the bike, running and daily life.

So are they Adventure Proof? In my opinion yes but they are also life proof. They can be used in at all light levels and are smart enough to be used casually. At £65 they are affordable too, they are hard wearing and functional.

Check Sun God out, they've got a few different options. I'm hoping to get a look at the wrap-rounds they have just released, Pacebreakers, for use this winter for climbing. Having protection on the peripheral is the Renegade's only weakness.

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