November 03, 2020

Quiet corners with Alan Hinkes - Dufton and High Cup Nick

Dufton Pike & Murton Pike are two prominent outliers clearly seen from the A66 en route to the Lakes.
September 09, 2020

James Forrest sets "self-supported" hiking record for Wainwright's round

James Forrest a journalist and adventurer from Cockermouth, Cumbria,  has set a new record time for a self-supported continuous hike of Alfred Wainwright’s 214 Lake District peaks after completing the…
September 01, 2020

Wilderness, wildlife and weapons. Walking the Falkland Islands

It is 8000 miles away and yet it feels like the UK. The Falkland Islands takes the best part of 24 hours to get there on the ‘Air Bridge’ from…
August 04, 2020

Commute to the glacier – surviving Icelandic winter pre lockdown

What makes it possible for the human mind able to view past memories and forget the pain of the cold and temporal feelings of sadness and make homesickness fade?
July 14, 2020

First steps back to normality, Morzine post-lockdown

Now that we can travel in either direction between the UK countries such as France, Italy and Spain without having to self-isolate afterwards, we can finally enjoy some of the…
May 18, 2020

Canyon Pathlite SL 7.0: Tested and Reviewed

Cycling is my preferred way of getting fit. It's also my preferred way of keeping fit. Face it I just love cycling. I've got 8 or is it 9 bikes?…
March 04, 2020

Introducing Celtic Routes aimed at bringing Celtic culture, spirit and soul to a new audience.

A cross-Irish Sea set of collaborative counties in Ireland and Wales has formed a partnership to deliver a new tourism heritage project known as the ‘Celtic Routes’, aimed at bringing…