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Stu Thomas

Stu Thomas

Innsbruck, Austria, June 12, 2019 - Like the eagle on Austria's coat of arms, wings outstretched, some of the best riders in the world have taken flight, launching Day 1 of Crankworx Innsbruck 2019

SMITH is excited to announce the renewal of its partnership with Team Cinelli for the 2019 season. With riders from all over the world racing in the most prestigious fixed gear criteriums across Europe, USA and Asia, Team Cinelli athletes will be proudly wearing Smith’s new Trace helmet this season, along with the Attack Max interchangeable sunglasses from the brand’s VELOCITY Collection of performance eyewear.

Thursday, 09 May 2019 10:42

Things to do on a Bike: Cycle Touring

Last week whilst enjoying some amazing Trentino wines, I was chatting to a PR friend about travel. I know strange to be chatting to travel people about travel but one must be dangerous. The subject of Croatia came up and of course the obvious Dubrovnik. I commented that Dubrovnik is the Newquay of Croatia, what I should have said is that it's the St Ives. Overpriced, full of artistes wittering on about the light  and TV and film buffs who pretend they watch a certain program because of the stories and not the nudity and S&M. Luckily I've seen a lot of Croatia and know where the nicer, cheaper, prettier and better beered areas are so as I reeled off examples I remembered how I'd ridden to these places.

Throughout winter Innsbruck hosts active travellers seeking the thrill of the snow-clad slopes but come spring and summer the Capital of the Alps, and its surrounding villages and valleys, gets its wheels in motion to turn into a biker’s paradise.

The slopes surrounding the city open up for mountain bikers, with forest tracks and the cable car network taking enthusiasts to a wide-variety of stunning routes.

Opportunities also abound for road cycle enthusiasts, with the chance to get some serious miles under the saddle - and even follow the route of 2018’s UCI Road World Championships, including the infamous Höttinger Höll - a hill climb with a grade of up to 28 per cent.

In total, Innsbruck and its surrounding villages and valleys offers 350 km of bicycle paths as well as 115 km of mountain bike trails.  

The London Bike Show & Triathlon Show: London, the UK's largest cycling and triathlon exhibition, has today announced that an eye-catching line up of 331 big name and innovative brands will be exhibiting, to draw the crowds in once again.

The London Bike Show, the UK's largest cycling exhibition, has announced that mountain biking royalty, the Athertons, will be appearing at the 2019 event.
Wednesday, 06 March 2019 12:35

Broken not Beaten

I was using the hardtail for a change. A safety product I was testing had not been great or even usable really on my curly barred bikes so in the interest of fairness I tried all options. Besides I'd raced the thing a few days earlier in an off road duathlon and been reminded of the ease of riding the thing.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019 17:06

Hiplok Z Lok Tested and Reviewed

As a rule of thumb when you buy a lock for your bike you spend about a tenth of what you've paid for the bike.So if you've paid £1000 you should spend a £100. Great advice and I've followed it, but, and it's a big but, when I'm on the road I'm trying to keep the weight down and a big bulky lock is going to spoil the line of my jersey. On the flip side I'm stuck if I need a pee or want to pop ina shop for a coffee or a biscuit. Generally I choose the latter and on most of my traing circuits I have notable bushes and walls. 

Casquette Live's women specific programme – created and curated by Casquette media and magazine - will have its own stage within the London Bike Show, showcasing a diverse range of interviews, discussions, tutorials and stories from the full spectrum of women's cycling.

As I've become a more accomplished practitioner of sliding down hills on planks with a dramatic flourish on stopping at the bar, I've found that one week a year may not be enough. The problem is that with Skiing being such a social activity it can be difficult to get the time together or organise a group. So I had the idea of travelling alone after all I'd done with it my bike could I do the same with my skis.

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