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Katy Dartford

Katy Dartford

Now that we can travel in either direction between the UK countries such as France, Italy and Spain without having to self-isolate afterwards, we can finally enjoy some of the outdoor activities we’ve been craving after weeks of isolation and confinement.

Imagine tucking yourself into bed after a hard day in the office and the next thing you know, you’re surrounded by snowy mountains.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020 11:21

Oman by UTMB - from oil to adventure

When I arrived in the port city of Muscat, Oman's capital that’s wedged between arid Hajar mountains and the Gulf of Oman, I am greeted by Omanis cheering and whooping out the back of a car.

Forget sports gels and isotonic drinks…… a race fuelled by raclette, strudel and a litres worth of Swiss wine - its grapes grown right there in the terraced vineyards you’re running through - is just the thing to round of a season of trail running.

It’s been a summer of mostly (work), running, a little climbing and a few trail races. But lately, I’ve been wondering else what I could achieve if I put as much effort into other activities as I do these.

The 65 litre Eagle creek wheeled duffel, can take you from lake to mountain, across cobbled streets and uneven paths,

Part 2 of our feature on trail running in Switzerland's Valais region with tips from the pro's along the way.

An order of “croûtes au fromage” (toast swimming in a bowl of melted cheese, mushrooms and lardons) and the specialty "Les Cornettes Bella-Tola’ (Horn shaped pasta swimming in a bowl of cream, lardons - and melted cheese) isn’t my normal trail running fodder.

There's something about skiing that seems to make the mind go blank to everything outside the immediate now. But while your attention is elsewhere it's so so simple to leave a pocket unzipped and think nothing of it until you reach for your wallet at the mountain restaurant.  

“Sometimes I ask myself, what am I doing here?, It would be so much easier being at home having breakfast with my family.” The words of Severine Pont-Combe are similar to my thoughts almost every time I pit myself against the mountain.

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