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Katy Dartford

Katy Dartford

There's something about skiing that seems to make the mind go blank to everything outside the immediate now. But while your attention is elsewhere it's so so simple to leave a pocket unzipped and think nothing of it until you reach for your wallet at the mountain restaurant.  

“Sometimes I ask myself, what am I doing here?, It would be so much easier being at home having breakfast with my family.” The words of Severine Pont-Combe are similar to my thoughts almost every time I pit myself against the mountain.

Saturday, 23 February 2019 22:18

Freeride World Tour Austria - Day 2

After an opening day of persistent rain, competition day dawned with bright blue skies and cold fresh snow, once you broke through the cloud inversion at the valley base.

Austria has probably received the most snow in Europe this winter- and its perhaps fitting that the first European round of the Freeride World Tour was launched today in Fieberbrunn - where most of Austria’s snow has been dumped….

Tuesday, 12 February 2019 11:38

Leki Stella S gloves tested and reviewed

Feeling good and looking stylish on the slopes obviously equates to great performance! - That’s why Leki’s new Stella S glove, which gives a hint of glamour, whilst being warm, comfortable  and durable, is a cut above the average ski glove.…

Slowly, I begin to submerge my bikini clad body into the icy pool below- a secret dipping spot in the Shropshire Hills. Feeling like a child again..… I brace myself for the cold to sweep across me, then flay around in the water, moving my limps like a frog in a blender, as fast as possible to generate some heat.