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I had often visited Decathlon stores when on holiday in France and had always been impressed by their range of sporting equipment. Their own brand clothing seems especially popular over there, so when Decathlon-UK offered MyOutdoors a collection of their latest trail running gear to test, I was more than happy to volunteer my services.

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Davy Wright checks out the Polarmond All-In-One Sleeping System

As I wasn’t able to make it to Friedrichshafen I happily meandered through the reports and reviews that came out during and after the exhibition. There were a couple of innovative products that stood out. This all in one sleep system from a Swiss company Polarmond was the one, for me, that was a breath of fresh air. It took the OutDoor Industry Gold award at the exhibition.

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We don't usually feature computer peripherals in these pages, but we were recently invited to test a rugged, shock and water proof, external hard drive designed for the outdoors and with the ever increasing volumes of data from video, GoPro and images it's an area of interest to many who enjoy the outdoors.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015 09:23

Adidas Terrex Boost tested and reviewed

Adidas Terrex Boost

A lightweight, technical, running shoe that arrived in the shops this Spring. With huge lugs the Terrex Boost are ideal for winter and the early Spring off-road mud baths.

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Adidas Terrex DownBlaze Jacket

The Terrex DownBlaze Jacket is a lightweight down jacket which can be used either as a stand alone jacket, or a mid layer. Incorporating Primaloft ®Down Blend Gold, insulation made from a mixture of hydrophobic goose down with PrimaLoft® ultra-fine denier fibers, marries the warm to weight of down, with the water resistant and compressible characteristics of synthetic fibers.

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Monday, 09 October 2017 20:56

Aku Serai GTX: Tested & Reviewed

Winter boots that suit our feet are difficult to find. They are expensive and it takes a while for our feet to settle into them, or not. When they don't it's an expensive mistake. When they make it on Ebay or Facebook you'll have lost a few bob.

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Monday, 10 September 2018 12:38

Aku Tengu Low GTX: Tested & Reviewed

In the first of our Walking/Approach Shoe group test, Bryn takes the Italian made Aku Tengu Low GTX through their paces on his wild camping adventures.

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New for this spring/summer, the AKU Trekker Pro GTX is designed for demanding treks on varied terrain. Marketed as an "all rounder" we've spent the early spring putting them through some serious testing in everything from mud to river crossings and solid trails to wading through snow.

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Monday, 29 December 2014 14:13

Alpkit Koro canister stove reviewed

Koro titanium gas canister stove

The Alpkit Koro is a lightweight remote canister gas stove at a sensible price made in China for the Nottingham based company. Based on high altitude research and constructed using titanium it provides a stable and reliable burner at temperatures well below zero.

Friday, 02 May 2014 20:32

Alpkit Rig 7 Reviewed

There's a few myths about using tarps, starting with the one that a tarp is a lightweight alternative to a tent. Quite simply it isn't! By the time you've combined the weight of tarp, waterproof sleeping bag cover and the guys and pegs you still need to keep your shelter upright you'll find there's considerably lighter tents available.

Using a tarp is more about the experience than the weight or cost. It's about being as close as possible to your surroundings while still having a shelter to protect you from the elements. Compared to a tent there are positives and negatives; ventilation and condensation just aren't issues with a tarp but to counterbalance those advantages there's no protection from midges. A tarp can be set-up in places tents wouldn't fit, but a wind direction change can turn a shelter into a wind tunnel.

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