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Slight confession to start this review with. It's way, way overdue. I've had these socks since the beginning of Spring but I've not reviewed them. In my defence there is a very valid reason for this. I can never find them. I'm constantly having to buy new hosiery. Seriously once I got myself 6 pairs exactly the same. Yellow and resplendent  with the Lion of Flanders. Within 3 weeks I was down to one. They still occasionally turn up but not with any consistency. Some people have a sock drawer. I have odd sock bedroom set.

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One thing about outdoorsy types is that we all love socks, this may baffle the rest of the world but to us a good pair of socks is essential to a good day out, a bad pair of socks can ruin your day, your feet and possibly the next few days if the damage is bad enough so when I was asked to try out a pair of Darn Tough ski socks I was all up for it.

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Wednesday, 30 April 2014 20:54

New Women's Brasher socks

I have long, narrow feet, which look 100% girlie. I have long, fine toes and a narrow “waist” to my feet. My heels are slender and my feet look all pink and smooth. If you compare my feet to those of most men, they are very different indeed. But I also have a UK size 8.5 foot, which means for most of my adult life I have mostly worn men’s socks! The problem is that men’s socks are made for men’s feet (fair enough!) and they are usually too wide for me along the entire length of the foot. So I was thrilled to be sent a pair of female-fit walking socks.


Over the years, I have generally just put up with the poor fit of men’s socks because the alternative is to buy women’s socks that are usually too short – and all too often end up with my big toe worn through the toe.

But socks are changing.You’ll already have noticed the huge range of different socks for different activities, including running, cycling and hill walking. There seem to be a wide spectrum of socks, from different brands, within each of these disciplines. Indeed, I have blogged about the mesmerising range of socks to buy before.

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Sunday, 30 September 2018 20:39

Teko Socks: Tested & Reviewed

Socks - where would we be without them. After all without them you wouldn’t be able to put them in it. Cavemen used to wrap animal skins around their feet, and in medieval times those who wore socks were seen as being of the noble classes. Originally woven by hand until the invention of the knitting machine in the 16th Century they were often made of wool, or silk for the upper classes.

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Socks. We spend our hard earned cash on expensive shoes, jackets, watches and many other larger items, but how many of us pay attention to what we wrap around our feet?

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X-Socks Run Speed Two socks

A lightweight competition sock perfectly suited for longer distances, up to and including marathons. With climate management technology the new CentralFlow AirCool Stripes in the footbed provide more fresh air circulation; improving the ventilation whilst wicking warm, moist air out of the shoe .X-SOCKS Speed Two also offer runners of any ability improved protection and comfort,with improved zones for the instep and extensor tendons.

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