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I booked a holiday! Well that's how it started out anyway.

I tried taking a break last year but after 3 days on the South Wales Coast I was bored and went home early and most of those three days were spent gear testing for reviews. It's one of the dangers of being an outdoors journalist; you holiday doing the same things you spend your time writing about and inevitably you take photos. Photos become write ups and suddenly your holiday is just work in a different place. It happened back in 2005 when Stu Thomas, now our Cycling Editor, and I decided to holiday in MacGillcuddy's Reeks and were joined by Jake Meyer and it's a formula that's repeated itself ever since.

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Monday, 06 August 2018 12:00

72 hours in the Jungfrau region

Some time, long ago, so the legend has it, a young lady from a nunnery above Interlaken ventured onto the hills and attracted the attention of an ogre living on a neighbouring hill. To protect the nun from the ogre a monk climbed the mountain between them to stand in its way. And so the names of the Jungfrau (young woman) Monch (monk) and Eiger (ogre) were born.

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It's impossible to mention the name Zermatt without thoughts immediately turning to the Matterhorn, the iconic "Toblerone mountain" that defines the town. Supported by Switzerland Tourism and Zermatt Tourism we continued our annual series of long-weekend autumn alpine adventure tours to possibly the most English of Swiss towns to see just how much fun you can pack into 3 days.

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Engineered to satisfy outdoor and mobile lifestyles with high electrical demands, The Dometic PLB40 is the lightest and most powerful battery in its category. It allows adventurers to travel further and stay longer in nature with a safe and reliable power supply.

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Gothenburg - Sweden's secret singletrack playground: Stu Thomas and Henry Iddon

As cycling destinations go I’ll be honest, I’d never really considered Sweden.

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 Over recent years travel security has become a major issue with increasing numbers seeking less developed, and potentially less safe, parts of the world. From pickpockets to shoulder strap slashing rucksacks designed to be lightweight provide little protection but Pacsafe have got more than 20 years of history in designed packs and bags specifically for these occassions.


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In September 2017, My Outdoors was lucky enough to be invited by Swiss Tourism on a press trip showcasing hiking through different regions of Switzerland using the World famous Swiss public transport system that combines trains, boats and a system of cog and funicular high-mountain railways. A spell of high pressure ensured the weather was perfect for the whole trip, making for perfect conditions to explore the mountains.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015 14:43

The Gothenburg Archipelago on Two Wheels

Touring the Gothenburg Archipelago: Stu Thomas and Henry Iddon

Perhaps what I like best about cycling is the sense of adventure. Bicycles open up the world to explore and see the world at the right pace.

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Think of Chamonix and you probably think of Mont Blanc, mountains and skiing. In winter its streets are packed with tourists skiing and boarding the slopes from Les Houches to Vallorcine and in summmer it's the destination for hikers, runners and mountaineers. In between the summer high season and the start of the skiing season, however, there's a small window when the kids are back in school all over Europe, the flights and accommodation costs are down to a realistic level, and with the right weather you can fill a week with adventures.

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I've wanted a campervan for as long as I can remember. From the day I saw a converted Commer coming down the Mam Tor road in the early 70's a campervan was up there with a Land Rover and a sports car as my three dream vehicles. One day I'd have them.

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