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Leki Stella S gloves tested and reviewed

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Feeling good and looking stylish on the slopes obviously equates to great performance! - That’s why Leki’s new Stella S glove, which gives a hint of glamour, whilst being warm, comfortable  and durable, is a cut above the average ski glove.…


Leki’s sporty new women's ski glove, looks stylish and sporty and is also warm, waterproof and your hands aren’t restricted inside. A bit like women’s cut t shirts, these gloves definitely have a ‘women’s cut’ and don’t look chunky and aggressive. The sheepskin palm feels luxurious and also gives you a good grip on the handle

Leki Stella S 7

What Leki say:

This sporty women's ski glove won't let you down: the outer material, a combination of softshell and Micro TC with a stylish leather appliqué, gives you sufficient room to move and protects your hands. The PrimaLoft® insulation reliably warms your hands while being breathable at the same time. The lining is a combination of micro Bemberg and soft plush, making the glove pleasant and dry to wear. Velvety, robust sheepskin means you'll always have a good grip on the handle.


  • Series              - Ladies
  • Construction    -Triggers S
  • Fit                    - Lady Slim Fit
  • Warmth Level  - Extra Warm
  • Material:          - Leather, Micro TC, Softshell
  • Palm                - Sheepskin (100% leather)
  • Insulation         - Primaloft (100% polyester)
  • Membrane       - Soft-Tex (100% polyurethane)
  • Lining              - Soft Plush (100% polyester) Micro Bemberg (100% polyester)
  • Length             - 6.0 - 8.5


Leki Stella S on test:

I have a real problem with ski gloves. I always lose one, I always put them down and get snow inside them, making my hands cold all over again and, well they are always just big and chunky and ugly- and i have pretty small hands. I also have a real problem with extremities and whilst i splashed out for £200 battery heated socks, i was loath to do that with gloves. Usually just relying on liners for that extra layer for warmth- although that’s annoying as they tend to bunch up inside after a while and are just an extra faff when in a  hurry- or especially when you are whipping the gloves off to take a photo on you mobile……

Leki Stella S 4

So when i unpacked the Stella S my first thought was i liked the look. Relatively tight fitting - without being restrictive, and a nice velvety sheepskin palm. And the best bit- its furry inside! I thought, ‘ i wont need a liner with that’ as that would ruin the nice feel of the fur. The only thing i felt was missing was something to attach them to me, some string around the wrist etc. I’m a  bit sceptical of the Trigger S system – its revolutionary ‘Trigger Loop’ which is built into the glove and easily clicks into the pole giving maximum security and outstanding comfort. I’m sure it’s great for some people,  but I really don’t like having my poles attached to me in any way if I’m off piste and especially tree skiing. However, as the Stella S is marketed at on-piste skiers  then i’m sure its fine - i just don’t want the possibility of me running into a branch with a pole and not being able to eject the pole….. breaking something instead!

Leki Stella S 6

In terms of warmth - well, I think i will never find the perfect solution as I really suffer. But these really do stand out compared to other gloves. I don’t need a liner and most of the time i feel warm and snug. And the best bit is that I can whip them off really quickly to grab my phone and take some photos to make my city dwelling friends salivate….. and whip them back on in record time. I even drop them on the floor when doing this - or perhaps when changing layers for ski touring ( although i know they are not designed as touring gloves - but its fine for me) and because they are a little more slim fitting snow doesn’t creep in and make my hands wet and cold and me miserable. They also don’t seem to get over warm either, which is why i’ve taken them touring too.  I suppose the only issue, and to be honest it isn’t a massive issue, is when i have a fit bit or a sports watch on its a bit restrictive around the wrist. But honestly,  you can take the watch off and attach it to my back pack and its fine.

Leki Stella S 3

I also have an issue with dexterity, grabbing things from you pack or pockets, as well as your mobile phone obviously, and not wanting to take the gloves off ifs its cold and windy. Because these are slimmer I rarely need to take them off to do most tasks. 

So, I’d definitely agree that they are a ‘real winner if you want to keep your hands warm and still need a technical, pliable glove…’ and feeling a little bit more stylist as well neither hurts!

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