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Family say farewell to Ueli Steck in Tengboche Monastery ceremony and open a Book of Condolences.

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Ueli Steck's family have issued a press release confirming his body was cremated in a 3 hour ceremony at Tengboche Monastery and have opened a book of condolences for friends of Ueli.

The press release also confirms there will be "a ceremony in Switzerland" for friends and public at some point in the future.

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Photo: Ludovic Péron CC BY-SA 3.0

The full press release (translated by Facebook) reads:

The farewell ceremony to ueli steck

Zurich / Kathmandu, on 4 May 2017-the family of ueli steck bade farewell to ueli in the monastery of tengboche near Kathmandu (Nepal), Thursday morning (local time), in the context of a solemn ceremony . According to the tradition in Nepal, the deceased has been cremated during an impressive ceremony of approximately three hours.

The wife of ueli steck, Nicole, his parents and those of ueli participated in the funeral. The family wanted to share this moment with a small circle. They described the ceremonial as solemn and impressive, sad and at the same time liberating. This painful time of three hours will remain forever engraved in their minds with the deepest gratitude. The family has sincerely wished to thank the monks of the monastery of tengboche for their hospitality and for the farewell ceremony to ueli imprint of dignity.

The family can bring with it a part of the ashes of ueli.

His relatives have also expressed their wish to organize a ceremony in Switzerland for the friends, the knowledge and colleagues from ueli as well as for the public. The venue, date and the details of this last will be communicated in a timely manner by the family.

More info on the accident

On 29 April 2017, ueli steck leaves the base camp of Mount Everest to reach the camp 2 at approximately 6400 meters above sea level. His initial plan was to take more altitude on the following day to better acclimate, using the traditional path of Everest until south col to almost 8000 meters, before returning to camp 2.

But conditions on the nuptse tried ideal, he has decided in the evening to change its plans to climb the nuptse, the very next day.

On 30 April 2017, ueli begins its ascent at 4, accompanied by the French Yannick Graziani, with whom he crosses the glacier. Subsequently, graziani has continued on the classical pathway of Mount Everest in the direction of the camp 3, whereas ueli, he has continued to grow in the slope of the lhotse. The accident of ueli occurred at approximately 7600 meters altitude, around 9 PM (local time). His body was finally found by the helicopter pilot Italian Maurizio Follini at an altitude of approximately 6600 meters, and then be transferred to a hospital in Kathmandu.

The causes of the accident is still unknown.


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