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Keeping your kids active outside of school

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We all know trying to keep your kids active out of school can be a challenging experience but they need to exercise whether they like it or not. Try and get them motivated with these fun filled activity tips.

Get outdoors

The most obvious one of all but go outdoors. Encourage some outdoor gaming time for the kids such as Hide and Seek or Stuck in The Mud. Most children are active learners especially at a young age so playing games like Hopscotch will keep them mentally and physically active at the same time. If it's cold and windy don't be put off by that, Muddy Puddles have a great range of coats for kids to keep them feeling warm and toasty on those chillier days.

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Limit screen time

Screens are everywhere and these day’s children are growing up engrossed in digital technology and television. As we all know different media forms can influence how kids feel, learn and how they think so limit their usage. As hard as it may be. They don’t need to spend the whole summer glued to the box or constantly playing games on an iPad, so once a programme is finished turn it off and get them up and moving about, develop some rules or get them doing their homework. This means you getting involved too as it makes sense to apply the same rules to yourself.

Healthy snacks

Food is a key factor in keeping your kids active as they need the correct fuel for their bodies to keep growing. Without the right nutrition, your kids could become very lazy. Take a look at BBC Good Food for some great snack recipes and why not try making them together.

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Do chores together

Not the most exciting one out of the bunch but it’s a quick and easy way to stay active. Get them sweeping the floor or dusting the sides. Try and make it as fun as doing chores can be. This will work much better for younger children as it will make them feel like an adult.

Treasure hunt

Try something a little different and adventurous by setting up a fun activity that everyone can get involved – a treasure hunt. Do it indoors, outdoors or both! This is such a great game to get the kids up and moving about, whist’s also challenging them mentally. Include prizes like stickers, badges or costume jewellery. You’d be surprised how fast your kids can move when there’s treasure involved! have a step by step guide on how to plan the best treasure hunt for your kids.

Set a good example

As a parent, you already know your child will copy anything you do and grow up to mimic your behaviour. This is why you need to set a perfect example when it comes to keeping active. If you spend your days sitting on your bum doing nothing, then so will they. Get up and go outside with them, play with them and do joint activities that you can both enjoy. This will change your child’s habits for life and not only that but it will help you build a stronger relationship.


Take your family adventures through into winter, kids love snow.

So go on, get up and get moving!!

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