Last year we gave our prediction sof who to watch out for in 2014, selecting 6 people we had an inkling would hit the headlines in the year ahead. Each of our 6 to watch in 2014 did hit the headlines, with an additional tip mid-way through the year to keep an eye on Ian Burton and As the Crow Flies for a Kendal Award. Our prediction that Terry Abraham would get BBC exposure for his films was undoubtedly our…
When the phone rings and a friend on the other end says "get your kit together, we're going to Wales/The Lakes/Scotland* (delete as appropriate the destination is irrelevant)" it usually means a chance to test some kit that's in for review - but what about when the work ends and it's just for fun? With a garage full of kit covering 3 decades there's pretty much someothing for every occassion, from 35+ year old Trangia to next season's cutting edge…
Tuesday, 27 May 2014 13:22

Peter Habeler at Keswick

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It's a strange reality of the oudoors world that quite often those with the most to shout about are those who shout the least and there's probably no better example of this than Peter Habeler. It seemed incongruous that a man who made history with the groundbreaking first ascent of Everest without supplemental oxygen could amble anonymously though a mountain festival but equally it spoke volumes about the man behind the legend. While Reinhold Messner was constantly in the headlines…
Tuesday, 29 April 2014 22:21

10 multiday walks for a long weekend

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With Spring upon us we're rapidly approaching the first batch of Bank Holiday Weekends where taking on a long distance trail over a long weekend is a realistic option. Although nominally "Long Distance" there's a whole range of trails around the 30 - 40 mile mark that are easily achievable over the space of three days, and with a little research the chances are there's one near enough to your home to have a go at if you're not too…
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