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Saturday, 28 November 2015 12:50

Andy Kirkpatrick - Cold Mountain reviewed

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The first night of a tour can be daunting. New material, a fresh crowd and many nights ahead. Andy Kirkpatrick kicked of his 2015 Cold Mountain Tour in Milton Keynes.
Opportunities come from everywhere, often when you’re least expecting them. I was on Twitter, browsing as you do, when I happened to look on Ben Saunder’s profile. I’ve been following Ben for a number of years, as endurance athletes and polar explorers are a keen interest of mine. Especially those that lift more than your puffed out chested gym monkey, and yet can run a sub 3 hour marathon, whilst surviving at -40°C on an ice cap. Anyway, I saw…
Wednesday, 30 April 2014 12:51

An evening with Neil Gresham and Kenton Cool

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As summer turns to autumn each year the highlight of the coming months is the UK's vibrant lecture season and the chance to see our inspirations in the flesh. One by one the biggest names in UK climbing, mountaineering and all-round adventure take to the stage at venues around the country, inspiring, enlightening and entertaining audiences from Bristol to Inverness, so the chance to take in two legends at a single event was unmissable. That it turned out to be…
The lights dimmed, a voice announced the name that had packed the three semi-circles of Lowry's Quay Theatre and onto stage erupted Ed Stafford. No preamble, no setting the scene, there was barely enough time to settle back into your comfy seat before you were back on the seat edge again as Ed told tales of Spider Monkey BBQs, Anacondas like tractor tyres and flesh eating bugs. The strange thing was that by the end of the evening, over 2…
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