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European Outdoor Film Tour 17/18 Featured

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The European Outdoor Film Tour  is one of the premium film tours to hit the shores of the UK. It brings together a handful of adventure films and shows them across the UK and Europe.

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I attended the recent Glasgow showing to get my dose of adventure inspiration. The event attracts a huge amount of people from the outdoor world and the audience was gee'd up by a very enthusiastic compere. There was seven films of varying lengths shown covering nail biting mountain biking to gut wrenching Himalayan adventure.

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 A group of 3 freeriders (extreme skiers) head for the Caucasus mountains of Georgia to climb and basically drop off the top of Mount Ushba. There's stunning scenery with a hint of the local Georgian residents. The insane skiing from these 3 guys is unbelievable from my perspective. If I found myself in that position it would be a helicopter trip out by mountain rescue. But watching them do it is awe-inspiring. Really good six minute film.

Dug Out


 Two young British adventurers go to the Amazon and continue their previous endeavours. They head to the Ecuadorian Jungle and lodge with the Huaorani people. The head of the family, Bay Nenquiqwi (who incidentally looks like Charles Bronson) shows them how to make a Dug Out, which is a huge canoe made from a tree. I don't think it's a spoiler but this 57 year old man does most of the work, in the lads defense Bay has made a Dug Out once a year his entire life and is built like a bear! The 20 minute EOFT edit spends most of its focus around the lads time in the Huaorani village, quite rightly so! Once the open canoe is launched the trials of the river and campsites is entertaining for the audience. The film came to a bit of an abrupt end, I'll be interested to see the full version as it was well put together and highlighted the ecological way people still live.

Follow The Fraser


 Three Canadian mountain bikers go to discover new lines in areas of British Columbia they have in their backyard and also, as they follow the Fraser river north, to an area called the Sibola Range to create new lines. One of the bikers said it in the film, there were points it seemed like they were skiing. Their wheels did more skidding sideways than rolling or actually braking. To watch, it was genuinely tense seeing them jump, flip and skip on the loose terrain.

Ice Call


 A short and impressive freeski film which is set on the Mer de Glace. The skier scrapes across the glacial ice, through tunnels and up sheer ice walls all connected up for this funky little minute film. You don't have to go to the event either to see it as it's already available online


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The focus of the film is Steph Davis, a very accomplished climber and BASE jumper. The film looks at Steph's ups and downs in her life and how it has impacted her climbing and those around her. If I'm honest there wasn't enough climbing. I'm sure this was a very cathartic process for Steph and it highlights the physical risk and mental strain on climbers/adventure athletes. An interesting film but I didn't take to it. I'm sure many will disagree but it didn't draw me in. There isn't a trailer online I can find.

Into Twin Galaxies


One of the longer films on the tour at 35 minutes takes the audience to Greenland. A 3 strong team want to cross the icy landscape in search of unkayaked melt water course they identified on Google Earth. They ski, hike but mostly they snow kite their way across the baron white landscape. As you would expect they have their expedition mishaps and hardships. This is a really interesting and exhilarating film. You can feel the teams highs and lows. The filmography is really good, this is an adventure you want to be part of. Watching it you feel you are, I highly recommend you watch this. 

La Congenialità


Translates as 'The congeniality which means getting on with people. The two stars of this film, Simone Moro, the man with as much passion as he does experience, and Tamara Lunger, the padawan of Simone, attempt the unclimbed traverse of the Kangchenjunga ridge. It is the highest traverse in the world at over 8000 metres. Tamara increasingly proves herself and Simone acknowledges the shift in the status of their climbing partnership. The film documents the period leading up to their expedition and the relationship between them. Their characters and the way they interact is as entertaining as the impressive objective and the pairs abilities. Tamara constantly prods at Simone's age, they are almost a comedy double act. I enjoyed the film, I hope Simone and Tamara bring out another. With their experience, abilities and characters it will be another great watch.

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If I was to say which one was my favourite, which EOFT have, I'd give it to Into Twin Galaxies. It gave the full emotion, arduousness and exhilaration of what an expedition should have. And it came across on screen!

If you get a chance to see the tour I highly recommend it. It is certainly an adventure inspiration!

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