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Warren Miller: Chasing Shadows Film

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I love adventure films, it can be of any outdoor discipline I don’t mind. Admittedly as anything there can be varying qualities. Film Festivals are great for them, like that the Banff Mountain Film Festival, variety and quality of equal measures.

I have to admit I was not aware of Warren Millers films, how I have no idea as it is the 66th film he has put out on an annual basis. I have had a look through the back catalogue and there is some visually impressive films there.

Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows is a ski film festival in a 98 minute chunk (with an intermission). The segments are filmed from snowy places across the globe. They include an army of athletes and some other skiers including the King of Dudes who is one of the monoskiers. The locations include Annapurna, where a couple of snowboarders introduce the Nepalese locals to the goofy facing discipline; there are a couple of elements involving Alaska, it shows the enormity and the stunning scenery there and how it can be skied – heliskiing, ski mountaineering; The US Freestyle Ski team, who seem to be pushing the envelope; there’s a couple of speedflyers that through themselves of the Aiguille Du Midi, Chamonix; also in there is cowboy skiing, which looked chaos in cowboy hats. There are a lot more locations but I don’t want to spoil it too much.

The whole film was visually stunning and what the athletes were doing “shredding” big lines on untouched white canvases was breath-taking. Mix in to this cowboys, monoskiers and other “rad” ski craziness what you get is a really enjoyable film.

The film continues to tour around the UK. If you are a skier or just like to watch some real life adventure I’d highly recommend it.

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