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Nepal - Drowning in good intentions

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The events of April 25th have spread far beyond the radius of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that devestated Nepal in the 12 days since the event. Within hours the world reacted, and as is often the case Britain responded. In the space of 11 days an estimated £35millon has been raised in the UK alone and by May 6th it is reported that Britain has provided emergency shelter to more than 65,000 displaced people. As with major natural disasters from…
Since the shock announcement that the Lake District National Park has put Stickle Tarn on the market I've been watching what develops closely. Coming on the back of the, still ongoing, Blencathra saga there's been the highly predictable roll of honour of initial public outrage followed by a carefully worded attempt at justiying the sale by the vendors, followed by a campaign to raise awareness and the inevitable "community led" attempt at a buyout. Unlike Blencathra, where it's a private…
As a local resident I've been closely following a campaign for a "world class extreme sports centre" being proposed for Macclesfield. The proposal is to build a centre similar to the XC at Hemel Hempstead with faciliteis for "Skating, Scooting, BMX,Climbing, Bouldering, Caving, High Ropes and much much more" close to the centre of town. In principle it's a great idea, both for Macclesfield and for the outdoor community. The facilities at XC are stunning and it makes sense in…
The recent announcement that the Lake District National Park Authority is to put eight properties up for sale has hit the national headlines and again called into question the purpose of the authority itself. While there are indisputable economic arguments for the disposal of property that makes no financial return but costs money to maintain, some would say that the Authority has a duty and obligation to look beyond ure economics. To an extent this is accepted in a statement…
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