For the last decade the GoreTex brand has dominated the world of waterproofs but with the annual OutDoor at Friedrichshafen fast approaching the brand is under pressure as the competition has upped their game. With the likes of Berghaus, Marmot and Jack Wolfskin all announcing new technology in their waterproofs the battle for the biggest sector in the outdoor clothing market is getting serious and Gore could have a real fight on their hands to maintain their dominant position. While…
Since the announcement that the Brasher brand name is to disappear from the boots market there's been an almost inevitable outcry at the thought. The Brasher name is part of outdoors and sporting history and with over 35 years of history behind it people have become attached to the brand and predictably reluctant to let it go. It's not unusual and by no means limited to the hill walking fraternity, a similar outcry accompanied the High Street demise Woolworths. There's…
If ever there was an example of a non-story getting its legs through misinformation and scare mongering the recent fuss over the impending sale of Blencathra is surely amongst the best. Countless column inches in the national press and infintely more online have been devoted to the purely romantic idea of a public buyout of the mountain, but the reality is that short of a change of name on the deeds it doesn't actually matter who owns it. On the…
Wednesday, 30 April 2014 09:43

Svalbard and how we forgot we're human

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The thought of a bear ripping through a campsite is the makings of every gap year student's parents and the fallout from this latest incident is sure to have far reaching effects. Already the Norwegian government has ordered an inquiry into exactly what happened on Svalbard and no doubt there will be a similar level of discussion back in the UK, where the victims came from. This morning I read an excellent article in Scotland on Sunday by Chris Townsend…
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