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On Running Cloudswift: Tested & Reviewed

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So I did a thing. I signed up to do the Virgin Money London Marathon. Now I'm not a runner, I'm a cyclist. Annoyingly runners can transition to cycling with ease, whereas us superior athletes tend to struggle because our  far higher fitness levels exceed our muscle memory and ability to deal with impact. So not wanted to injure myself I obtained a pair of On Running Cloudswifts to test.

Some of the information on the On Running site

Run the city in the light, swift shoe with full road protection. Features Helion™ superfoam for high performance in urban environments

 CloudTec® in Helion™ superfoam gives the Cloudswift cushioning with zero compromises. Engineered for urban running, Helion™ is light on weight but big on energy return and durability. Temperature resistant, it provides the same unrivaled performance in hot and cold conditions. Durable rubber reinforcements provide high traction at high speed, even on wet roads. onrun3

 According to On Running the Cloudswift is designed for medium runs, is a wide fit and weighs an astonishing 290g, although I'm not sure what size that is relevant to. My size 12 were still very light and because I suffer from what my girlfriend calls "duck feet" then the wide fitting was very much appreciated. Putting on the shoe they were indeed comfortable and the cushioning was like walking on clouds. Which I suppose is the point.

For a new shoe the first few runs were surprisingly pain free but after a couple of back to back 10ks I started to suffer from Achilles pain. I spend a lot of time on my feet so this could have been an issue but was easily solved by swapping out the stock insoles for a better pair. To be honest I expected I'd have to do this. People have different feet so stock insoles are very rarely the correct ones for the end user. I always swap out the insoles in walking boots, cycling shoes or even my knocking about trainers and like a saddle on a new bike us the first thing that should be looked at to improve comfort and reduce pain. 


The Cloudtec in Helion Superfoam sole is certainly striking. The looks of it may not be to everyone's taste but I'll be honest I really like it. It stands out and looks real quality, It also performs really well at what it is designed to do, and that is run on concrete and hard surfaces. It provides plenty of cushioning and bounce, reducing fatigue and aches and pains. At first I was nervous that it wouldn't supply enough grip for the wet Welsh conditions but like a slick tyre on a road bike it never ever lets the runner down. Touch wood I've never slipped and until writing this review I'd forgotten my concerns, so like all good kit you forget it's doing it's job. This is the standard I set things by I may have mentioned it once or twice ib my reviews.

I do have a gripe about the sole though. The wide grooves, whilst helping with grip, stability and cushioning have an annoying habit of getting stones stuck in them, which can get a bit skiddy but more importantly makes an annoying noise akin to a northern bloke with segs on a night out. 

This gripe aside though the soles are more than capable and with a speedboard bar provide a great deal of stiffness as well


 The Cloudswift upper is mesh, which helps to provide lightness and stop the feet from overheating. Half marathons have been completed in the hot spring and socks have felt dry and non toxic afterwards which apparently is quite the achievement. TPU mechanical sideband allow for precise fitting. I found this a little fiddly at first and I'd recommend taking a little time to practise at home before running. It took me a few attempts to get it right but once done it's a breeze and quick to alter if you wish to. The sidebands provide a place to stash the laces as well.  I've actually only now discovered this whilst writing the review and I'm kicking myself. I'd actually been moaning about this but should have realised that On Running being a Swiss company would have a simple solution to the problem.  On to the laces and my cat loved them. I'm not as sure. They tie securely enough, don't slip and look great but, and this may just be my numptiness, if you accidently get a knot they're a pain to untangle, especially if the cat thinks it's playtime.  


 The On Running Cloudswift is priced at £135. This is a very competitive price for a shoe of this quality. Other than expected wear the sole unit is holding up well and still provides sufficient grip, cushioning and stability. I have a weird gait, landing on my heel and rolling to my inner forefoot. When I've tried running in the past I've sounded like a round of applause as my huge feet slap the ground, with the Cloudswift this hasn't been an issue and as I've got better and improved my style the shoe has become even better. 

After a 10k last week I had a warning come up on my running app that the Cloudswift had now obtained 402km and it was time to think about replacing. the thing is they still look and feel like new. I've been really impressed with the Cloudswift, they've led me to actually start to enjoy running, which is something I'd thought I'd never do. For an inexperienced runner like me they've been near enough perfect and with the strange times at the moment and need to stay local have helped me keep sane. Now on to the marathon.

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