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Bern’s E-Bike Certified Hudson MIPS Bike Helmet - Designed For Commuter

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Recent data showed promising growth for several bike categories, with e-bikes being the highest with 31% year-on-year growth. Although a lot of this growth came as a result of the pandemic, hopes are high that lifestyle changes ushered in by the pandemic could become permanent, with many people choosing to continue commuting by bike. Not only is this great for getting more exercise in, it’s also great for the environment – win win. The electric bikes battery and motor provide assistance when pedalling, so you don’t need to put as much effort in as you cycle – making getting from A to B a lot easier and in turn making life easier.


So, with electric bike sales on the rise in the UK and serious growth forecasted over the next 30 years, what better time to invest in a new e-bike certified helmet? The e-bike certified Bern Hudson is available now and is bound to be a popular style!

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Hudson MatteBlack

Designed for commuters, Bern’s e-bike certified Hudson helmet is the brands safest yet. Rated for use up to 27 mph, the Hudson exceeds safety standards. This new standard raises the bar for protection, requiring 10% more impact tested coverage for the most sensitive parts of the brain, as well as 21% more velocity and 43% more impact energy absorbed than traditional bike standards. Available exclusively with the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), this helmet will protect against brain injuries resulting from rotational motion. So, rest assured it will keep you safe. The Hudson is lightweight, with an integrated LED light on the back of the helmet. It also has a removeable visor and is compatible with Bern’s cold weather bike beanies so you can wear it all year round. The Hudson recently won a 2021 Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award, recognised for Design and Performance for the Micromobility Category.

Hudson MatteMint

Available in three sizes; small, medium and large and in six colourways, Matte black, Satin White, matte Sand, Matte Navy, Matte Mint and Matte Hyper Green.