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Introducing the new Nikwax Camping Kit

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Press Release: With campsites now open and bookings flooding in its time to dust off your camping kit and thanks to Nikwax's new Camping Kit (£19.99) you'll have everything you need to clean and protect your tent, camping gear, waterproofs and much more.

Nikwax Camping Kit helps campers clean and protect their tents and camping gear. Using Nikwax Tent & Gear products will not only clean and waterproof tents, bags, gazebos and more, it will also protect from UV damage meaning your kit will last longer saving you money and helping reduce waste.

Nikwax Kit 3

Clean, waterproof and protect you gear with Nikwax Camping Kit

The exclusive kit contains:

  • TENT & GEAR SOLARWASH - An easy to use spray-on technical cleaner with UV protection for cotton, canvas and synthetic tents and gear. Cleans effectively, revitalises water repellency, and extends the useful life of fabrics by protecting against UV deterioration.
  • TENT & GEAR SOLARPROOF - Protects synthetic tents, gazebos, awnings and gear from UV damage whilst adding Durable Water Repellency. Increases fabric strength & protects against UV deterioration; one application can double the effective life of fabrics.
  • BASEWASH & TECHWASH TRAVEL GELS - Ideal for when you're away from home, BaseWash will keep your baselayers, sports gear and synthetic clothing fresh and odour free. TechWash will clean and revive the water repellency of your waterproofs and wet weather clothing.
  • FREE DRY BAG - Perfect for keeping your valuables safe and dry whilst camping or can be used as a kit bag when out and about. The dry bag has a classic waterproof roll-top closure, a secure buckle and a handy adjustable shoulder strap.

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 Nikwax Kit

Did you know tents need protection from the sun as well as rain?

Did you know that if you left your tent in sunlight for 2 weeks of continuous exposure, the tear strength of the fabric would reduce by half? Tent & Gear SolarWash and SolarProof efficiently protect against UV damage, so not only will it help protect you from the rain but it will protect your tent from the sun too, meaning your tent will last longer.

‘Camping really sums up what Nikwax is all about: taking time out in nature, exploring the great outdoors and making special memories. While we always hope for good weather, we’re prepared for the occasional downpour too!

Whether you’ve got a shiny new tent you want to protect or your old faithful camping kit is in need of a freshen up, Nikwax Camping Kit will help clean and protect your tent and camping gear from UV damage while it protects you from the rain. So that you can relax and enjoy the magic of camping.
Zoe Hewitt - Head of Marketing Communications.

Whether you’re a seasoned wild camper, a festival goer, family camper or a first timer, Nikwax Camping Kit will help keep your tent and camping gear in top condition come rain or shine.

Nikwax Camping Kit will help care for your gear and the environment

As well as extending the life of your camping gear, which means you need to replace it less often, Nikwax campers can relax safe in the knowledge that Nikwax products are kind to our natural environment too. They are water-based, PFC-free and Nikwax have never used any harmful aerosols or fluorocarbons in their products.