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Jack Wolfskin's new Hiking Collection

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When developing outdoor gear, Jack Wolfskin has always paid close attention to gender specific requirements.

Therefore, women‘s garments obviously are cut differently to men‘s models. However, it‘s not self-evident that women and men have a very different gait when hiking: while men tend to roll their feet in a straight line, women‘s gait is more S-shaped. Also, it has been observed that women often lace their hiking boots more tightly,

as they prefer a particularly secure support. Hence, Jack Wolfskin‘s Hiking collection now addresses these requirements and preferences to a greater extent. The new Cyrox hiking boot range, for instance, features significantly differing soles in the men‘s and women‘s models: for the more dynamic men‘s gait, the sole‘s edge is made of a stiffer material, while the women‘s sole is more flexible and thus facilitates rolling. For this type of innovative solution, Jack Wolfskin‘s R&D team collaborated with external experts. Naturally, the collection‘s products not only represent a strong commitment to functionality, but also to sustainability. As such, the products are characterized by a high content of recycled materials paired with durability and longevity. The different ranges are perfectly coordinated - from apparel and footwear to backpacks and accessories. 

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