Tuesday, 27 August 2019 14:44

Sprayway Torridon - the return of a true classic

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If you worked in the outdoor industry, or hung around outdoor shops during the 90’s, you will remember the Torridon. A product which took the waterproof jacket market by storm.

Simple functional Sprayway design partnered with matt 3 layer GORE-TEX fabric and that signature bright 90’s colour palette paneling made it stand out amongst the crowd. Originally launched in 1988, by the mid 90’s it had become one of the highest selling GORE-TEX jackets here in the UK. It was a jacket that truly defi ned that era and who we are as a brand.

Sprayway Torridon 1
Winter 2019 sees the relaunch of the Torridon, two years in the making this pinnacle piece in our hill walking collection takes inspiration from its 90’s predecessor, but with a modern twist. Built around our ‘Function First’ ethos; an amazing fi t, our best ever hood and longer length all combined with the latest PFCec free 3-layer classic GORE-TEX fabric and of course thatsignature 3 colour paneling..

Sprayway Torridon 2

Sprayway Torridon 3