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Market Launch Discount from Innovators Polarmond Featured

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Polarmond have created an All-In-One sleep system that unites the functions of a tent, the sleeping bag, the vapour barrier liner (moisture barrier) and the thermal mat in a modular and lightweight expedition sleep system.

Polarmond All In One Tent photo by Tobias Ryser 1

Photo Courtesy of Tobias Ryser 

The first series of the revolutionary Polarmond All-In-One sleep system will be available from specialised dealers and to private customers via the Polarmond webshop on the 18/01/17.

There will be an introductory offer which will give you 35% off the asking price of the OutDoor Gold award winning sleep system. This will reduce the cost of to 1,762 EUR for the full Polarmond All-In-One tent.

The offer will expire on the 03/02/17.

Innovative Solutions for Sleeping in Nature

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The All-In-One sleep system offers the following customer benefits:

• Sleeping comfort like at home
• Insulation performance remains constant
• Dehumidification management for dry sleep
• Temperature regulation keeps the sleeping room constantly warm between -30°C/-22°F to +25°C/+77°F
• Warm spacious sleeping room

Outdoor athletes and people who are active outdoors thus profit from optimal recovery and maximum performance capabilities the next day. In addition, the sleeping room offers enough space for beverages, food, clothing, shoes and electronic devices which can be kept warm and/or dehumidified. The All-In-One sleep shell is the basic product of the system which can be expanded with two various weather protection modules. Among the options to choose from are the weight-optimised bivouac module and the comfort-optimised tent module in which one can sit upright and cook.

Polarmond All In One Tent photo by Tobias Ryser 3

Photo Courtesy of Tobias Ryser

Cooperation with Swiss Research Institute EMPA

The All-In-One sleep system was developed and tested in cooperation with the renowned Swiss research institute for materials sciences and technology development EMPA  in St. Gallen in the climate/cooling chamber. However, the field tests in nature are at least as important as the laboratory tests. Polarmond places the greatest importance on a close cooperation with persons who like to spend a lot of time far removed from civilisation and who don’t want to let even the extreme cold keep them from sleeping outside. Their experiences and feedback have been integrated directly into the development of the Polarmond products.

Cooperation with World-Class Athletes

Evelyne Binsack is a Polarmond Athlete and has been testing the system in its preferred habitat.

Polarmond ambassador Evelyne Binsack

I Recovered Very Well And Now I Am Ready For 100% Performance.” Evelyne Binsack, Extreme-Mountaineer

Photo Courtesy of Tobias Ryser

Evelyne Binsack, the first Swiss woman on Mount Everest, adventurer of a 26’200 km expedition to the South Pole by physical strength only and certified mountain guide, has been since the beginning, member among the small group of testers and consultants to Polarmond. Now, the continued cooperation has been officially sealed. “We can think of no better partner for us than Evelyne Binsack”, says Walter Krummenacher.


Two World-Class Snowkiters Become Polarmond Athletes

Polarmond has likewise entered into a partnership with the multiple Swiss and World Snow-Kiting Champions Michael Kaspar and Jonas Lengwiler and their partners.

Polarmond tent express 0265

Photo Courtesy of Raphael Ottiger

In 2017, Michael and Jonas, will be participating in the hardest snow-kiting race in the world–the VAKE in Norway which, at 350 km, will be part of the World Championship for Long-Distance Kiters. World Champion Runner-Up Jonas Lengwiler is planning in February 2017 to be the first person to cross Norway from the south to the north to the North Cape in five weeks–a distance of 2000 km.

Modular System Provides Full Flexibility

The 3D-animation clip will show you how the system functions.


The patented Polarmond® All-In-One sleep system has a modular design. Its core product, the sleep shell, can be combined with various weather protection modules – a minimalistic, weight-optimised bivouac- or the comfortable tent-module, which you can sit up in and cook in. Users can assemble the flexible sleep system exactly according to their requirements:

Polarmond All-In-One sleep shell
The heart of the system – can be used on its own to sleep under the stars. The sleeping mat and liner can also be used separately.

all in one schlafh lle 1

image019 2

Polarmond All-In-One bivouac
Comprises sleep shell and bivouac module. Lightweight and compact, e. g. for use as advanced base camp.

all in one biwak


Polarmond All-In-One tent
Comprises sleep shell and tent module. Compact and robust, e. g. for use as base camp.

all in one zelt


Size S: ≤ 170 cm
Size R: 171 – 185 cm
Size L: 186 – 196 cm

Polarmond All In One Bivouac photo by Tobias Ryser 5

Photo Courtesy of Tobias Ryser

My Outdoors has a Polarmond All-In-One sleep system coming in for review. Meanwhile, take advantage of the huge introductory offer at Polarmonds shop.

Polarmond can be contacted via their website.

Follow Polarmond on Facebook and Twitter also check out their You Tube Channel 

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