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The Black Diamond Fall 2017 collection comprises of 14 new gloves. With 30 years of experience and the use of advanced materials this collection offers a unique range from lightweight softshell gloves for mixed climbing to the warmest possible protection for expeditions.

A well thought-out design combined with state-of-the-art fabric technology ensures that our gloves withstand even the worst weather conditions and comply with the performance needs of each activity. Accordingly, all materials are carefully selected and put together.

Good Choice and Use:
Primarily, gloves are chosen based on their intended purpose. Then, individual preference needs to be considered, such as touchscreen enabled gloves or gloves made only from natural materials. Black Diamond gloves are developed for freeriding, ski touring (ascent and descent), alpine, ice, and rock
climbing, winter hiking and urban.

BD Gloves 1
Temperature range: There are many factors that influence how warm a person perceives his or her glove, such as external conditions, physical activity and physical conditions. The temperature range indicated for each glove is a rough estimate.

Cut and Fit:

Black Diamond consider gloves not as an accessory, put as a piece of equipment. In 1986, gloves, like all of Black Diamond's products, were introduced to the product range out of the intrinsic desire of our staff to manufacture better products than those already available on the market. Black Diamond introduced the first gloves with articulated fingers on the market to add dexterity and facilitate grabbing. Quote from the Chouinard Catalog of 1986: “Cut on a curve to facilitate gripping”. Today, this is standard in the gloves sector.  To obtain an ideal insulation, Black Diamond reinforces the back of the hand with additional material. At the same time, we use less material for the palm – for some models even no insulation at all – to increase dexterity when handling ice axes, ski poles and other tools.  Black Diamond was the first brand to implement a cuff with singleadjust draw cord. This helped to further improve the fit. At BD we manufacture a wide range of gloves with leather – on one hand the particularly soft and pleasant goat leather, on the other hand a more robust cowhide. 
52 Gloves - Organized into 6 Series:

The gloves of the Pro Series (10 models) expertly balance warmth, weather protection and dexterity. With a close fitting and built with the toughest, highest-quality materials they are perfect for the day-in, day-out abuse of ski patrolling, guiding, and 100-day seasons. 

Freeride Series (10 models): Built to combine usability and comfort, and offering a balance of protection and style. With their more generous fit they offer ample warmth even on long and chilly winter days with many ski descents.

BD Gloves 3

New Pro and Freedide Gloves

The versatile Ascent Series (12 models) is designed for general mountaineering, alpine climbing or use in winter environments where breathability and temperature regulation are crucial.

Black Diamond Ice Gloves (4 models) are intended for ice climbing and handling ice tools. They feature the closest possible fitting within their specified size as dexterity and warmth play a vital role.

Rock Gloves (4 models) offer essential hand protection for everything from belays and via ferrata to aid climbing, jugging, route setting, and more.

The gloves of the Lightweight Series (12 models) are designed to optimize dexterity and functionality for high-output activities like ski touring when weather resistance is key. Most models are made of stretch materials; therefore the specified sizes do not require strict observance. Three subcategories of this series are • Waterproof: Superior weather protection, built for heavy storm days and long seasons of use. • Softshell: A range of softshell weights cover all of the bases on cold, low-precip days. • Hybrid: Combines the best materials to supplement your kit.


Weather resistant, warm and durable:
Various membranes are used throughout the entire collection: GORE-TEX® Gore Warm/Gore Active Technology, BDry™ insert, Pertex Shield®/Quantum®/Endurance® und Polartec® Windbloc® are fabric types and technologies covering weather protection. For each glove, insulating materials are carefully selected and combined. These are PrimaLoft® Gold
Insulation/Gold Insulation Eco with Grip Control/Kodenshi, Thinsulate®, Boiled Wool and Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™/Power Grid™/Thermal Pro™ with Wool/Power Dry® and Wool/Power Wool™/Micro, 200 & 300 Series. 

Pittards® leather: Pittards Armortan® offers increased abrasion resistance by up to 25%, thus improving the leather’s durability against wear. Pittards also treats their leather to retain its performance characteristics of water and perspiration resistance, breathability, grip, and feel. Pittards® Oil Tac: A uniquely tacky leather that incorporates polymers into its structure to improve grip, feel and f from both perspiration and external sources. These properties make Oil Tac an excellent choice for mountaineering, ice climbing or any activity where a sure grip is mandatory. Note: Oil Tac is not designed for speed rappelling. Kevlar®: Threads made of Kevlar are used in high abrasion areas of Black Diamond gloves (e.g. the palm) to resist melting and breaking apart under repeated friction and abrasion. EVA Foam Padding: Tried and tested foam material used for impact protection. Conductive goatskin leather and fabric allows the user to operate digital devices without removing gloves. ScreenTap™: U|R Powered® fabric uses an advanced touchscreen compatible technology which is integrated, durable and eco-friendly. The functionality is highly responsive enabling precise control on any device.

Palm girth: Measure around your dominant hand at the knuckles with your fingers together. Palm length: Measure from the crease at the base of your wrist (on palm side) to the tip of your middle finger. Determine your correct glove size from the chart below. Choose the larger of the two measurement results. 

BD Gloves 2
Care and Washing:

Black Diamond develops long-lasting products and places a particular emphasis on details. Our gloves are designed for specific use in the most demanding places on our planet. Proper care of your high quality gloves will prolong their life-span and enhance their performance. For best results, here are some tips:  Always dry your gloves after use, if possible.
Hand wash your gloves. 

  • If possible, use a damp cloth to clean the gloves, then leave them to dry. 
  • Use a mild soap recommended for washing wool and/or sensitive products, if necessary. 
  • Any detergents containing bleach or sodium perborate are not suitable. 
  • Do not use fabric softener. 
  • Do not use strong detergents, as they may impair the functional characteristics of leather.  
  • Use lukewarm water and a mild soap to create nice foam. 
  • Immerse gloves and wash them carefully. 
  • Remove gloves and rinse them thoroughly with clear water. 
  • To get the most out of your glove's life-span, wash them before they become too dirty. Leave your gloves to dry. 
  • Remove the excess water from the glove by squeezing from fingers to cuff and gently pull into shape. 
  • Put your gloves on, to restore their original shape and fit. 
  • Leave them to dry at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and heat. 
  • Use a suede leather brush, to gently restore the suede leather patches of your glove. 
  • Do not tumble dry or place them on a radiator. Restore the water-repellent effect. All insulated leather gloves & mittens:  
  • Natural leather combines abrasion resistance and breathability. Regular care is necessary to preserve its characteristics. 
  • Remove dirt with a cloth and lukewarm water, if necessary. 
  • Allow to air dry. Black Diamond recommends Nikwax products as they are PFC free and very efficient. 
  • To restore the water-repellent effect, use Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather. 
  • Apply a small amount of cream (coin-sized) on the glove and spread evenly over the seams. 
  • After 10 minutes, remove excess material with a damp cloth. 
  • If necessary, repeat the treatment for optimal water resistance. Insulated leather & fabric gloves & mittens: The combination of synthetic materials (typically nylon) and leather enable designs to meet specific requirements, e.g. weight, prices, or area of application. 
  • Remove dirt with a cloth, lukewarm water and Nikwax Tech Wash, if necessary. Some gloves can be machine washed (see label). Allow to air dry.
  • To restore the water-repellent effect, use Nikwax Glove Proof. Shake container. Press the applicator sponge to open the seal. Apply evenly, pay particular attention to seams. After 2 minutes, remove excess material. Allow to air dry. 
  • If necessary, repeat the treatment for optimal water resistance. Color fastness of leather and fabric: The Color fastness of leather and fabric strongly depends on the color and finish. Dark leather and fabric may stain bright colored fabrics and leathers. White or bright gloves should not be washed together with colored items and vice versa. 
    Black Diamond GORE-TEX® gloves may be washed as follows: 
  1. Liner without leather patch: Machine wash up to 30°C. Use a washing powder without bleach and do not use fabric softener. Do not iron. Allow to dry with the finger tips pointing upwards. Do not tumble dry.
  2. Glove with leather patch and fixed lining glove: Hand wash. Use a washing powder without bleach and do not use fabric softener. Do not iron. Allow to dry with the finger tips pointing upwards. Do not tumble dry.
  3. Gloves with removable liner: Remove liner and wash separately. Use a washing powder without bleach and do not use fabric softener. Do not iron. Allow to dry with the finger tips pointing upwards. Do not dry in a clothes dryer. 
  4. Gore-Tex gloves without leather patch: Machine wash up to 30°C. Use a mild washing powder without bleach and do not use fabric softener. Do not iron. Allow to dry with the finger tips pointing upwards. Do not tumble dry.
  5. Gore Tex gloves with leather patch: Hand wash. Use a washing powder without bleach and do not use fabric softener. Do not iron. Allow to dry with the finger tips pointing upwards. Do not tumble dry.
    Black Diamond Equipment is manufacturer of equipment and apparel for rock climbing, mountaineering and skiing. Through the continuous production of innovative, standard-setting products and an active role in the environmental protection of the mountain world, Black Diamond Equipment has assumed a leading role in the international outdoor community. For more information about Black Diamond Equipment please visit

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