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Salewa Pedroc Delta T-shirt: Tested & Reviewed

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The foundation of any layering system is the baselayer. Salewa have taken some of Polartec's new next-to-skin fabric and added some of Polygienes  magic to bring the Pedroc.

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The Pedroc is a simple design, my short sleeve version is comfortable. The spec mentions raglan sleeves, I'll be honest I didn't know that's what this style was called but a quick wiki search explains it. Obviously I am familiar with the style and the result is there was no chaffing. The length of the body of the tee is good, it goes down over the backside which means once it's tucked in I never had any issue of it working its way out.

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I do think the Pedroc has an unusually wide neck, I'm not sure the reason for it. It doesn't cause any issuesin my experience but I would have preferred it to be a bit neater.

The fit is definitely athletic, as per Salewa's spec. The Polartec Delta material is 4 way stretch but unlike some this stuff works. The weave of the Delta moves well with body twisting and stretching. I've used it whilst indoor and outdoor climbing and the Pedroc was unrestrictive.

As for wicking, I've worn the tee under mid layers whilst trekking and running, with a pack and without. The Pedroc dried really quickly even under a hardshell. Not having a wet back for as long is a pleasure.

When the material is held up against the light its transparency shows the net-like structure of the material. The blurb on Polartecs page says it "outperforms other base fabrics in hot conditions."I believe that to be true in terms of wicking but I wouldn't like to have direct sunlight on to it, there's not much UV protection provided by the yarn.

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The other potential issue I came up against was the huge labels that sat just around my hip area. The were promptly removed before any chaffing occurred.

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While I was taking pictures for the article I came across this wear patch on the lower back of the tee, I'm not sure what caused it. The material has fluffed up, at this early stage its not wearing through but I'll keep an eye on it.

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This type of advanced Rab C Nesbitt string vest isn't new to base-layer fabrics. I've seen it elsewhere made by other brands, however I can't compare them as I've never had the opportunity to try them.

The Polygiene addition to the fabric? Did you know it's not sweat that smells? Honestly, I didn't! It's the bacteria and fungi, that grows due to sweat that causes it. What Polygiene does is applies low concentrations of silver salt at the finishing stages of textile production, it doesn't wash out either, according to the Polygiene site.

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As for this Pedroc it has gone a few outings; a nights climbing, a trail run, then a short hike in the space of a week and after it had dried off I'm pretty sure I could've worn it in public and no one would have twitched their nose at me. The science of Polygiene is lost on me but the application isn't.

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The Pedroc comes in a long sleeve version too. The Delta material gives a good foundation for an efficient layering system. It retails at £50, £65 for the long sleeve. Search about and it can be found a bit cheaper.Overall Salewa have pulled together a really well fitted, well thought out t-shirt.

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