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At we believe the best way to make the most out of your advertising is by using a range of different advertising methods that make the most of the platforms available from Social Media to the standard website advert. This is why we have designed a series of packages to suit different advertising requirements. Each one of these package promotions can be further tailored to your own needs or you can purchase individual items if that suits your campaign better.

Advertising Packages at MyOutdoors

A package at MyOutdoors can be specifically assembled to give maximum coverage for your campaign, to reach the most viewers and readers possible, at the best value for money price we can offer. A package can include any element from: Press Release Publication, Banner and side bar adverts, Twitter and Social Media cover, Newsletter and Daily News.

We are currently revising our packages, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for further details.

Custom Packages

Our standard packages are ready off-the-shelf and represent a significant saving on individual element prices. If, however, you would like a something totally unique, then we will work with you to develop an advert into a campaign using unique elements.

Graphic Adverts

Graphic adverts appear across the whole site and are sold on a number of impressions per month. Our standard charge is 0.1pence per impression. The cost is the same for standard, animated and flash banners and you can have as many graphic adverts running as you like. You control, manage and monitor click-throughs on your own Advertising Administration Page. You can mix your advertising up using banners and small buttons. We also offer large adverts in the shape of Short Tower and Full Tower options which are counted as 1.5 and 2 impressions respectively.

All our banner and side-bar adverts are purchased with unlimited impressions and click-throughs for the duration of their placement.


We can run competitions on the site with multiple questions or single questions. We can field answers, harvest email address for your newsletters from these competitions and supply results in a .csv or .xls file. Our average response to competitions is 265 entrants, though numbers can be as high as 800.

Product News/Press Release

Product News and Press Releases are usually part of a larger package but can be bought as a one-off's for advertisers, retailers and manufacturers who wish to promote a single product or event. Product News and Press Releases are published in the appropriate zone(s). Press Release and Product News can be submitted with a choice of options as a separate package:

Free: Press Releases and Product News may be submitted with no charge on the understanding that it may or may not be published at MyOutdoors discretion.

Individual Paid For: Press Releases and Product News may be submitted individually with a one-off charge which guarantees publication in the appropriate zone(s)

Annual Package: Press Releases and Product News may be submitted with a guarantee of publication in the appropriate zone(s)

Package charges are constantly reviewed. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for the latest rates.

Individual Graphic Advert Prices

Full Site Sponsorship (from £650pcm)

Site-wide Sponsorship –  Includes:

·         468x80 Leaderboard on 1:1 Home Page Rotation

·         468x80 Leaderboard on 1:2 Rotation on all Section Landing Pages

·         468x80 Leaderboard on 1:3 Rotation on all Content Pages

·         250x250 Square on all pages

·         250x250 Square on MyOutdoors Daily

·         60 Product/Service led Tweets

(Note different Leaderboards and Skyscrapers can be used on Home Page/Section/Content)

Section Sponsorship (from £120pcm)

Per Section – Includes:

·         468x80 Leaderboard on 1:2 Rotation on all Section Landing Pages

·         468x80 Leaderboard on 1:3 Rotation on all Content Pages

·         250x250 Square  on all pages

·         10 Product/Service led Tweets

 (Note different Leaderboards and Blocks can be used on Home Page/Section/Content)

Targeted Advertising

We can accept individual adverts on a range of Full site, Front Page and Section Basis, provisional on availability, based on the following monthly prices:

·         250x250 square – Site-wide: £180, Section:£60

·         250x250 square - Front Page £60

·         250x250 square - per Section £60

Custom Advertising

In addition to advertising on both MyOutdoors and MyOutdoors Daily we have additional options including advertising via Social Media, Advertorial and brand placement, where appropriate, in features. Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details

Marketing metrics

Figures (monthly): March 2016

Unique Users (Unique Twitter accounts reached +  Website users) - 220,000

Unique Website Visitors - 23,015

Page Impressions - 580.709

Average Visit Length -3:38

Pages per Visit – 11

Monthly Social Media impressions - 748,000

Peak Social Media Impressions - 1,900,000


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