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Tuesday, 03 May 2016 20:31

Wigwam Trail Trax Pro Socks - Tested & Reviewed

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Socks. We spend our hard earned cash on expensive shoes, jackets, watches and many other larger items, but how many of us pay attention to what we wrap around our feet?

Given at the extreme end of the scale it can result in you pulling out of a race due to severe blisters and/or wounds, is it about time we paid more attention to our socks?

Wigwam Trail Trax group

Wigwam’s Trail Trax Pro Socks are designed to manage the moisture whilst delivering a cushioned ride when taking to the trails.

The cushion in the sole of the sock is plush and when wet doesn’t become a sponge beneath your foot, moving around like a wet fish fighting for breath. I took the Trax Pro up to 13 miles on the trails, with the cushion providing a comfortable and consistent layer beneath my foot. When taking to trails in the Lake District, storms had saturated the route and standing water was in plentiful supply, I didn’t feel the sock loosen and move freely. On many occasions these are prime blister opportunities for me and I do have a knack of getting them, however, I was left with unmarked and happy feet.

Wigwam Trail Trax wide shot

The tech that aids this is Wigwam’s ULTIMAX® patented moisture control technology. The concept is simple, transfer moisture from the base to the top and out. The less moisture, the less issues when things get wet or sweaty. To give this an extra edge, it is combined with Drirelease® Wool for rapid moisture evaporation. On beautifully overcast days in mild temperatures, my feet weren’t bathing in sweat. When things got extreme and my feet were saturated in the fells, the socks performed, did their job and protected my feet. I didn’t feel puddles squelching under foot with every footstep. Yes, they didn’t magically dry out, but water didn’t pool.

The toe box has a seamless construction, which eliminates the potential for rubbing and increases comfort. Mid way on top of the foot you find a mesh panel which increases breathability. Given most shoes have a variety of mesh uppers, this really helps regulate temperature and prevent the build up of sweat.

Wigwam Trax Trail toebox

Aesthetically they are good looking sock, I appreciate any designer that tries to add some flair, despite the odds they a will be covered up when worn. The fit is precise, wrapping around your foot, striking the balance of providing wiggle room on the toe box without getting saggy.

All in all, I like the Wigwam trail Trax Pro Sock. It’s comfortable and stays strong when saturated in our British conditions. The colours could be bolder but other than that is delivers what it sets out to. For me, it accompanies me on longer runs, when the cushion of the shoe will suffer more and the terrain ahead is gnarly.

At £13.99 a pair they aren't cheap, but what you get for your money is a sock that stands firm in extreme conditions, when others show little backbone and become a hinderance, rather than a enabler. 

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