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Princeton Tec Remix rechargeable headtorch tested and reviewed Featured

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The Princeton Tec Remix comes in a variety of flavours from basic to plus to rechargeable.Designed for runners with a 200 lumens top setting and the option to swap the rechargeable battery for 3 AAAs and a street price around £25 below its £105 RRP we had to put it to the test with our Parkrun enthusiast Jon Barton.

At a maximum of 200 lumens the Remix rechargeable can handle off road in its stride while the option to swap the batteries on the fly gives it multi-day usability. 

What the manufacturers say:

Starting with the hybrid LED array of the Remix headlamp, Remix Rechargeable gains full dimmability. This headlamp is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, rear mounted for balance and to provide a platform for flashing rear lights. A micro-USB port allows for charging, and the battery power meter shows charge status at a glance. This dual fuel light can run on three AAA batteries should the need arise. The light head rotates back to protect the power button during storage and transport.


POWER 200 Lumens
LAMP 1 Maxbright LED, 3 Ultrabright LEDs
BURN TIME 36 Hours
BATTERIES Lithium Rechargeable (Included) or 3 AAA Alkaline
WEIGHT 155 Grams


Princeton Tec Remix rechargeable headtorch on test:

This review was carried out in a month of mild weather running on the mean streets and trails of Sheffield, UK.

An outdoor athlete should have at least two headlamps (we should call them lamps not torches I think). A robust all functioning lamp for after dark adventures, and a small lightweight lamp as a backup, or emergency, always with you friend. Investing in a good headlamp means never having to go on a treadmill, never having a gym membership, and getting to know the local fauna. Princeton Tec is the maker of high quality headlamps, for decades now, and while Petzl traditionally dominated the UK market who knows where we will have to buy our kit from if our politicians don’t wake up and do the right thing. So with US trade deals in mind the PTEC REMIX RECHARGEABLE was my first test run with the brand. Here is what I found:

The REMIX has a long battery life, a 36 hour burn from the lithium polymer battery that can be swapped out for 3 AAA batteries. The lithium battery has a micro USB charger port for standard no nonsense recharging.

PTec Remix Recharge 2

The REMIX is 200 lumens with 1 max bright LED or 3 ultrabright LEDs. Switching between the 2 gives the option for a longer thin stream of light or a broader shorter range glow. Both are dimmable, the on/off and dim function all easily controlled from one switch. The headlamp has a tilt function that gives it more up and down range as well as being able to mask the power switch when packed away to avoid glowing rucksack punter mode. The tilt stays in place well even with bouncing up and down on trails.

PTec Remix Recharge 3

It weighs about 158g, the lithium batteries being a lighter option to non-rechargeables. This is a good weight when compared to the burn time and the brightness. Lighter torches are available, but with a lot of useful functionality from the two bulb setups both dimmable, and a rear flashing red LED, essential for road running in my opinion, the overall package is good.

PTec Remix Recharge 4

Most of the weight is in the back with the battery pack. This creates a bit of an imbalance requiring a tighter strap my joltier.

In conclusion, three features make this an ideal running headtorch; fantastic light output, daylighting the creepiest of dark woodland trails, the rear red light LED, and rechargeable batteries with up to three/four full nights worth of running in them.



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