May 18, 2020

Canyon Pathlite SL 7.0: Tested and Reviewed

Cycling is my preferred way of getting fit. It's also my preferred way of keeping fit. Face it I just love cycling. I've got 8 or is it 9 bikes?…
October 10, 2019

Maru Cosmic Dust Pacer jammers tested and reviewed

Open water and "wild" swimming are becoming increasingly popular both as stand alone activities and as part of duathlons and triathlons.
August 11, 2019

Nikwax Base Fresh : Tested and Reviewed

I seem to spend half my life extolling the virtues of using the right stuff in cleaning and maintaing kit. Why spend hundreds of quid on a super technical, space…
April 15, 2019

dryrobe Advance tested and reviewed

Some products, for one reason or another, become synonymous with the activity they are designed for, acting as a banner under which the entire culture marches under.  Think Ferrari and…
April 02, 2019

Ekster solar powered tracker wallet tested and reviewed

There's something about skiing that seems to make the mind go blank to everything outside the immediate now. But while your attention is elsewhere it's so so simple to leave…
March 06, 2019

Petzl Gully v Petzl Ride: 2 ice axes, so similar but so different

Twp ice axes, one brand, and almost identical to look at. We put Petzl's lightweight Ride and Gully up against each other.
September 20, 2018

A big day in the mountains testing Decathlon’s latest range of trail running kit

I had often visited Decathlon stores when on holiday in France and had always been impressed by their range of sporting equipment. Their own brand clothing seems especially popular over…