March 25, 2020

Zone3 RX3 Medical Grade Compression Tights: Tested and Reviewed

I've never seen the attraction of running. When I first tried it to enter a duathlon, my fitness from riding made me go too far too soon and I had…
June 09, 2019

Alpkit Arro Wind Shell: Tested & Reviewed

A lightweight windproof is a piece of kit everyone should have in their outdoor arsenal. I take a look at Alpkit’s offering, the Arro Wind Shell.
May 02, 2019

Odlo SUW Top tested and reviewed

A baselayer is like the foundations of a house; if it doesn't work properly then it doesn't matter what you put on top, the whole house, or layering system, is…
April 23, 2019

Alpkit Artlu Running Pack: Tested & Reviewed

Alpkit are known for making good, solid kit at affordable prices. They are continually adding to their range of outdoor focussed kit designed here in the UK. I was given…
March 25, 2019

Inov8 Mudclaw G260 – Tested and reviewed

Inov8 have been a well liked brand among the mountain running community for a long time, but after having tried them out about 10 years ago, I hadn’t put another…
September 20, 2018

A big day in the mountains testing Decathlon’s latest range of trail running kit

I had often visited Decathlon stores when on holiday in France and had always been impressed by their range of sporting equipment. Their own brand clothing seems especially popular over…
June 11, 2018

Inov-8 Trailtalon 250 - 100 mile test and review

Inov-8's Trailtalon is described as a lightweight, stripped-back, responsive shoe specifically designed for running on hard-packed trails. Giles Thurston put it to the test for 100 miles before giving his review.