July 23, 2021

Andrew Terrill's The Earth Beneath My Feet reviewed

Despite the fact that this is part 1 of a two part story of one man's walk from the southernmost point of Italy to the northernmost point in Norway the…
July 22, 2021

Finisterre team up with Reskinned to launch trade-in clothing service

A decade after launching the brand’s Lived & Loved repair service, Finisterre are taking the next step towards a circular economy by launching a trade-in service sitting under the same…
July 22, 2021

LEKI moves into the future with a new brand identity

Press Release: After 33 years, LEKI, manufacturer of high-performance poles and gloves for skiing, trail running, trekking and Nordic Walking is unveiling a new logo as part of the company’s…
July 22, 2021

Women in the Alps 150 years after Lucy Walker's iconic Matterhorn ascent

“If there is an area particularly characterised by male dominance it’s Alpinism. Glorifying courage, strength and endurance it embodies the exact opposite of what 19-century women were expected to be…”
July 15, 2021

Mountaineering Scotland issue warning that Google Maps could put people at risk

Press Release: Mountaineering experts are warning people against trying to follow potentially fatal online routes on Britain’s highest mountain.
July 15, 2021

Ultra runners prepare for return of racing in the far north west of Scotland

Ultra runners are making their final preparations for a return to racing in the Highlands of Scotland next month.
July 13, 2021

The Microfibre Consortium announces public release of globally aligned test method to measure microfibre shedding

The Microfibre Consortium (TMC) has announced the public release of a globally aligned and standard test method to determine the level of microfibres shed from fabric during domestic laundering.