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F10 Vulcan -12 sleeping bag 1st impressions

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It may be the start of the school holidays but already the nights are getting longer and it won't be long before another winter is on us. In preparation we've been looking at 4 season sleeping bags and Matt got his first look at Vango's illustrious F10 range with a sleeping bag rated to -12.


The F10 Vulcan is what we like to think of as a UK-focused product with it's temperature range covering all but the worst conditions likely on our hills. Combined with hydrophobic down to compensate for the damp climate and F10's traditional attention to detail it's a sleeping bag for (almost) all seasons.

Vulcan 1

What Vango say:

The F10 Vulcan is the logical home for outdoor enthusiasts and experts. Featuring Hydro Barrier Down in a reflective V baffle construction, all wrapped in lightweight, soft, 20D nylon fabrics to ensure a sound night’s sleep in warmth and comfort. The ethically sourced down achieving a great warmth to weight ratio. This results in a low comfort temperature rating coupled with low weight, ideal for pushing the limits of minimum gear maximum adventure.


  • V Baffle Construction - Using Thermal-Reverb reflective interlining in a V shaped cross-section throughout the bag, the pinnacle of thermal efficiency is achieved.
  • Hydro-barrier down - Premium 90/10 700 fill power duck down stays drier four times longer than untreated down
  • Ethically sourced down - Humanely collected down from birds that have not been subject to any unnecessary harm
  • Made up of 15, 20 and 40 denier yarn, Polair Enduro is an extremely lightweight, highly robust, wind resistant nylon fabric. This 34g/m² fabric ensures the down is carefully guarded and is allowed to function to full effect.
  • The tightly woven construction of the 20D, 33g/m­², nylon Polair Active fabric create a warm, soft to touch and easily compressible material which is also water and tear resistant.
  • Thermal-Reverb - Aluminised layer reflects radiated body heat back to the user for maximum warmth
  • Thermal Embrace System - Elasticated thread sewn into the inner fabric. Makes the sleeping bag gently conform close to the body. Reduces cold spots and increases loft of insulation.
  • Mesh storage sack - Allows down to loft whilst in storage, increasing the lifespan of sleeping bag
  • Insulated, adjustable shoulder baffle - Retains heat within the sleeping bag
  • 3D hood with multi-cord closure - Structured hood design keeps the head and shoulders warmer during the night. The hood's dual cord thicknesses allow easy adjustment in the dark
  • Arrow Foot - Shaped foot area allowing feet to relax into their natural position
  • Interlocking Zip Baffles - Two precision filled baffles of premium down are designed to overlap and therefore provide consistent insulation along the zip.
  • Full Length Two-Way Auto-Lock Zip with Zip Guard: Used to seal in warmth or provide ventilation and can be used from inside the bag. Anti-catch piping helps to prevent the zip from snagging on the lining.
  • Internal pocket - Provides convenient storage for small items
  • Omega shaping - Engineered to position zips and seams in the lower section of the bag. Ergonomically shaped to fit around head and shoulders for improved heat retention
  • Roll top dry bag - Expel excess air and roll 3 times for a sealed, water tight bag
  • Temperature ratings independently measured in accordance with EN 13537:2012 - Extensively tested to meet accurate temperature rating standards


Weight: 1.25kg
Packsize: 26.0 x ø22.0cm
Suggested Usage Max: 15°
Comfort: -5°
Int Length: 217cm
Suggested Usage Min: -12°
Max User Height: 200cm
Int Foot Width: 46cm
Fill Type: Hydro-Barrier 90/10 Duck Down 700FP
Ext Chest Width: 80cm
Int Chest Width: 70cm
Limit: -12°
Zip Side: Left
Extreme: -32°
Performance: 4 Season

On test with Matt:

I’m used to using Vango sleeping bags, most of what we supply on DofE and Scouting happens to be Vango and I own three myself but the F10 line is a new one for me so I was excited to be trying out Vango’s top end sleeping bag and it didn’t disappoint!

The F10 range is essentially a lighter, tougher, larger yet more compact sleeping bag to the rest of the range, using a Hydro-barrier down rather than Insulite Helix or polyester fill. The Hydro-barrier fill stays drier four times longer than untreated down making it a must in high altitudes or damp conditions - Perfect for winter expeditions and camps.

Vulcan 5

The F10 Vulcan is half the size and weight of its counterparts in the Vango range with a weight of 1.25kg and can go down to extremes of -32 but is best suited between 15 to -12 degrees. The bags pack size is 26 x 22cm but with a compression sac you can half the size of this again. I managed to get it down to 18-16cm in an Exped compression sac. Although yes the bag does come with its own dry bag and mesh bag for storage*, the dry bag lacks compression straps so remains at 26x22cm.

Vulcan 2

In comparison my Vango Latitude 400 weighs 2.1kg, is 32x26cm and is good down to the same temperatures but is a whole 12cm shorter in length. Only measuring in at 205cm internal length, whereas the F10 Vulcan is 217cm which for someone who is 6ft2 makes a huge difference.

Now I do fit in the Latitude with some space left but its snug, the F10 Vulcan felt like I could stretch out even further. Imagine going from a single bed to a double – All that space! In all seriousness however that extra 10cm does make a huge difference and when you have been out hiking or up a mountain side it can make a lot of difference to moral and comfort.

Vulcan 3

Another benefit to the F10 Vulcan over its cheaper counterparts is the internal zipper. Rather than a Velcro pocket to store electronics and valuables the Vulcan has a ykk zipper so you have no fear of a phone falling out of the pocket and smacking you in the night or lost in your sleeping bag.

Vulcan 4

Although this time of the year is hot and some nights can very uncomfortable to try and sleep. I found the sleeping bag comfortable still to use, during the expeditions in the North Downs night temperatures dropped and with the shade of the trees during the day kept the tent cooler at approx 15 bdegrees. Between these two I could sleep comfortable inside but any hotter I think I would had struggled but this sleeping bag is made for cold conditions, going down to as low as -32 so I feel it is a little unfair to judge the bag fully at this time of the year.

I will be continuing to use the bag over winter and will have a test it further in damp and winter conditions

What I have really liked about the Vulcan so far has been how compact and lightweight it is. Perfect for long expeditions, hikes and mountain trips, however if you wish to save more room I would suggest buying another compression bag as the Vango supplied one doesn’t have straps on the dry bag.

Vulcan 6

Personally I trust Vango and happily spend a large sum of money on their kit so I have every faith this bag will do well in winter.
Expeditions that are coming up in autumn and winter: Sugarloaf, Brecon Beacons /// Capel Curig, Snowdonia /// North & South Downs /// Dartmoor, Devon

*For storage the bag is best left out of the dry bag and using the mesh bag to allow the down to loft up and air out when not in use. You should do this with all sleeping bags to make them last longer.