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Tundra Pure -20 tested and reviewed

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Tundra's -20°C rated, ethically produced, Pure sleeping bag is instantly distinctive with its unique black foot and head. Rather than just a distinctive marketing move, however, the black foot and head sections are specific waterproof areas designed to minimise the effects of moisture where it's most likely to collect. Filled with 880 fill power goose down in a 20g m2 15 denier nylon shell the Pure -20 offers a balance between weight and warmth from late Autumn to early Spring..

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What the manufacturers say:

The ultimate in lightweight sleeping bags created by using 20 gram per square metre 15 denier nylon fabric from Toray. Pure sleeping bags are filled with the highest quality ethical down from Poland where the down is harvested from the nests of naturally moulting mature birds.

Whilst not waterproof all over, the black fabric at the foot and head is waterproof to avoid the effects of moisture in tents and snow-holes.

Like our Pure & Dry range, our Pure sleeping bags are handmade in Warsaw, Poland to exacting standards by highly skilled workers.


  • Monoque Body Shape
  • Box Wall Construction
  • Differential Cut
  • Proportional Fill
  • Extra Down in Foot Area for 5°C extra warmth
  • Internal Pocket
  • Full Length Zipper
  • Anti Snag tape next to zipper
  • Anti Snag stitching next to zipper
  • Internal 3D Collar
  • Zip Baffle
  • Trapezoid Shaped Foot
  • Internal Draw Cords with locked Cordlocks
  • Storage Bag
  • Double Draw String Stuff Sack
  • Computer Filled in Poland
  • Temperature Tested by Leeds University
  • Tundra wicking inner fabric
  • Tundra Waterproof Lightweight Fabric provide waterproof head and foot

Tundra Pure -20 on test:

Rarely has any product proved so difficult to review! While the nation's been persistently moaning at a lack of Summer this year it's not exactly been Arctic and reviewing a -20°C in August and September isn't the easiest thing! Quite simply, for the majority of the review period, the sleeping bag was just too warm for the weather. The pre-production model differed slightly from the final product with a different face fabric but was essentially the same product, with the same fill, same build quality and same proportions. Fortunately a trip to the Alps in mid September and follow up in Snowdonia late in the month gave us temperatures approaching zero degrees, allowing us to use it more as a traditional sleeping bag than a very warm duvet.

Construction is pretty much standard for down bags with proportional fill in a box wall construction that minimises down migration, a full length 2-way zip, 3D collar and zip baffle. Where the Tundra Pure differs from other bags, however, is instantly obvious; Not only are the hood and footbox dressed in a different fabric but the foot is seriously stuffed with additional down while the hood has a noticeably tapered shape rather than the usual large arc. The lining material is both soft against the skin and offers minimal resistance when inserting a bag liner.

Overall the Tundra Pure is quite a large bag when fully lofted, with ample room to bend the legs during the night but weighs in at a very reasonable 1190g thanks to the lightweight face fabrics. The review model came with a compression bag rather than a double draw string stuff bag, but in doing so demonstrated that the quoted pack size of 35x25 is from a relatively loose packing and in the real world the Pure -20 will pack down a good 5 cm shorter in each direction. It's also quite a long bag; the standard 195cm (internal length) stretching out to 235cm; at this kind of length you can have issues with the foot making contact with the inner wall of a tent - making the waterproof footbox a real bonus.

The 2 way zip has, to date, proved snag-free and smooth enough to operate single handed from inside or outside the bag while the zip baffle is substantial enough to keep draughts out. The internal draw cords are equally simple and efficient and well positioned for tightening the hood in extreme conditions. Unlike most hoods the Pure's profile is more of a box with tapered sides than the traditional semi-circular hood but it does result in a very snug and draught-excluding fit when tight and a more convenient shape for a clothes-stuffed pillow.

Tundra Pure -20

Tundra were a new brand to us but looking at the build quality, design and innovation in the Pure range we rate them highly. The choice to offer a sleeping bag with waterproof hood and foot is very interesting and could be ideal for UK winter conditions and we like the range of 6 bags between 0 and -40°C - each available in short, standard and long lengths. As synthetic manufacturers up their game to compete with the increasingly ubiquitous hydrophobic down it's going to be interesting to see how the Pure -20 handles this winter. One thing we can be sure of is it's going to be warm!